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What Does It Mean to Be a Kind Person?

Constant Fight

There will always be a fight between good and evil in our world. Everybody wishes that human kindness will conquer immorality and wickedness. That’s why we all need people who are ready to be kind in our unkind world. It means to be friendly, generous, and considerate everywhere: at your workplace, at home, even with passers-by on the streets, and the people who were rejected by our world.

Simple Things

Start with Small

If you want to be kind, start with something small. To be kind does not necessarily mean to be batman or superman, to do great deeds. To be kind means to do simple things with great love. You see a woman with a heavy packet – help her to carry it. You see a pensioner crossing the road – help him or her to cross it. You know that your mother comes from work tired – wash the dishes up. Look around! There are so many simple things that you can do for others. Your smile, your good word or a piece of advice can change a lot. Start to be a kind person, and you will see how many people will be eager to follow you. Because hatred raises hatred, kindness raises kindness. So, be kind!

Your Workplace

Our humdrum life is so busy that very often people forget to be people. We wake up in the morning, go to our offices and treat our colleagues and others as though they were robots. Teachers, who constantly scold children for their behavior, doctors, who do not help, but wait for the opportunity to make money or unfriendly waitresses shouting at you. Just imagine how life would have been better if every person on their workplaces could do their work well and treat another person as they wished to be treated. Kindness means to give the best what you have for others. However, do not forget, getting MA or Ph.D. degree does not mean that you are excellent in your profession. Only if you put heart into your job and people, you could be called a kind person and a good professional.

Your Home

Kindness begins at home. Loving parents should show how to be kind. They should give a good example for children showing unity, respecting every member in their family, especially older people. If a child sees how his or her mother treats grandparents, a little boy or girl will also pay respect to grandmother or grandfather and even to unknown OAPs. In such closely connected families, children are taught to be kind from early childhood. Thus, there are cases when children are polite to the seller or their teachers at school, always greet with their neighbors, but do not appreciate their parents. That is the worst. You cannot be a kind person in some determinate place or time. You should be kind-hearted, always: both at home and outside.

Rejected People

It is not a huge deal to be kind with people who love you or help you. As an English proverb goes, «Claw me, and I'll claw thee». I am kind to you, and you are kind to me. Look at an orphan child, at the homeless people or ones, who come down with cancer. Look at the disabled people or refugees, who come to your country because of the war in their homelands. It is good that our world is not without brave, open-hearted and sincere persons, who are ready to do something for others without expecting nothing. Usually, we call them volunteers. They are willing to collect money for those, who are in need. They do take action, but at the same time do not forget about a good word, heart-to-heart talk with these, who really need it. It is hard to imagine, how important are these people in our world. Appreciate kindness of others and be kind in return.

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