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Lifehacks for Students

Student Lifehack Advice

Sooner or later, everyone meets a special period in their life. This period is special because of saying “Goodbye!” to childhood. You are a student now: you’ve got to “survive”.

Everybody has to learn something new here. No, it’s not about learning the study materials in order to pass the exam. It’s about learning life skills you’ll feel difficult living without.

Lifehacks are constantly refreshing experiences making things simpler. They refresh them on purpose because the life goes forward. New things and wishes appear every day.

When you see or read about any lifehack, you probably thought: “How can people solve difficult routine problems so creatively?”, or “Why can’t I start living easier and helping others by inventing something?’.

What associates with the words “typical student”? A thrifty, prudent person who always tries to make a life simpler, probably.

It is important to keep all of your ideas and not to let them be forgotten: then they will be useful not for yourself only.

Well, it is time to start our student’s lifehacking advice article.

Lifehacking Advice

- Let’s talk about eating. Didn’t you ever think your stomach needs not that much food you were used to give it? You should go eating once you are really hungry, and not “inertially”. Main things are quantity and quality. Taste is what your tongue feels, but the stomach needs your care, too. Remember: the one who eats less, lives longer.

- Teach yourself to say “No”.

- Never be a double-dealer: when you are the one, you betray your mind and individuality. Dissembling is when you don’t respect yourself, your personality.

- There is nothing “extra”. This rule doesn’t work only in science and cookery. Got something “extra”? Keep it stored or give it as a present to someone.

- If you’ve got a half-empty copy-book when semester is over, don’t get rid of it totally. Pull out clean pages and put them away. They’ll be useful once you need to note something or to answer a student quiz. Take them into a bag, you’ll have where to throw out your gum, at least.

- Develop a good skill of notating everything. Start a notebook where not only notes and phone numbers of your friends should be. Write down contact information of different people or organizations you might need in future.

- It’s better to downplay than to exaggerate. It is much better to exceed someone’s expectations, and not to disappoint them while you promised to move mountains.

- Never start conflicts with your groupmates, they could be your colleagues somewhere in future.

- Daily put away the money you didn’t spend (except of when they are your last funds). There are different situations, and this money will obligatory help you somehow.

- Find how to buy anti-glare glasses. Then your eyes won’t be that tired once you work at the computer or drive a car, and your vision will remain excellent.

- All the small boxes, interesting packs and everything like that is not to be thrown away. You can use them to store hygiene items, pens, pencils, barrettes, different small things or your “stash”.

- Simple clerical pencil could help you find the required copy-book, definition or lecture notes fast.

- Mark notes on separate lectures with stickers. That’s a really comfortable way to optimize searching process, too.

- Keep your books, clothes or something stored on shelfs vertically. This is the way to put more things while using less space.

- Before frying eggs, add a glass of water to the egg mixture. There will be more of your omelet while using the same quantity of products. Pure economy with no losses. 

- You can boil potatoes, eggs and whatever in a kettle, if things go bad :D

- Never delete home works from the hard-drive of your computer. They might be useful to you or to younger generation of students.

- Don’t offer help if you are not sure to do something better than this or that person could.

- Don’t complain on something that is not so serious. Otherwise, once you’ll get into real troubles, people won’t be wondered and might not offer you their help. Generally, it might be not interesting to be friends with you. You could even start irritating someone.

- To make your USB-cable serve a lot longer, fixate its ends with additional wires or some adhesive tape, this will prevent cable from breakages. You can use a spring from the pen, too.

- If you are out of money, yet want something sweet and healthy to eat: buy two bananas, make a pure by adding some flour. Now you can easily fry a plate of sweet cakes. 

And now it is time for the main advice.

What Is The Way?

Advice for Student

Always remain open for the world, share your ideas and hacks for simple life with others. Don’t make things complicated. Invent things, surprise everyone around you with your mind, with your creative look onto everything. Discover other people’s characters, study and analyze their psychology, this will certainly help you throughout your life.

Listen to your heart. Otherwise, you’ll have to cheat on it and to do something that can’t bring you joy, pleasure and happiness.

Don’t be afraid. You can’t even imagine how simple things become once you overcome any of your fears. Every successful human was afraid of something before becoming famous. Every musician took a guitar for the first time and could play nothing but something weird. Every professional cook had burned his first meals. Every surgeon performed a difficult operation for his first time. Nobody is born with the experience, so fear nothing!

And remember: all you need is your wish, possibilities will come after.

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