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„I’ll do that tomorrow”, „I’m hardly tired”, „I won’t make it”. Does anyone not knowing these words exist? We all know them. And it’s because of them we delay everything and stand on the same point for ages. If you had enough with finding yourself alibis & with expecting the perfect moment to start doing something, read this article obligatory.

There will never be the perfect time to start doing something. It won’t come when you’ll be about to start the greatest project ever, when you’ll catch the inspiration to write a book, when you’ll want to spend some time with your family or to break any bad habit. As soon as you’ll understand this fact, your life will become much easier.

Stop waiting. Start acting immediately. Use all the ways you dispose. The best solutions and possibilities come only when you get at least a bit closer to your success

Stop Looking for Excuses

“I’m so tired”. “I don’t have time at all”. “I won’t make it”. “Why shouldn’t someone else do that?”. “It’s too late to do anything”. “It’s not the right time”. “My ideas are boring”. “I’m not ready”. “I’m scared!”. “Nobody understands me”. “What if I’ll fail?”. “Not enough motivation”. “I can’t change anything”. “I’ve got no money”.

Oh, come on… Enough already!

It’s easy to think out excuses for yourself not doing anything and delaying things constantly. The more time you devote to these excuses, the less time you have to take real actions to achieve your goal.

Oh, it’s so simple to say something like: “I’ll start doing something once I get more experience, money, connections, time or resources”. You’ll find ten more excuses till this undetermined time comes, won’t you? Yep, that’s a cycle. Once you get into it, it’s difficult to get out.

Many people continue living their whole life like that, without any serious wish to break this deadly circle of laziness and constant excuses. Yet there are those who find their will to free themselves and to start changing at least something small.

There is an illusion most part of us is firmly convinced in. They think any job which seems to be unpleasant or boring can easily be delayed till tomorrow (“tomorrow” means some indefinite time later). And they keep up to this belief until the job becomes their personal unbearable burden.

People always tend to use the easiest possible way and take decisions which don’t seem to break our comfort zone. This gives our mind an imaginary feeling of safety. That’s why people like covering behind their excuses. If you really want to change something, it is time to get rid of them.

Don’t Miss the Moment

Getting old, people look at their past life thinking about what they could change in it. And they often get shocked and despaired with the number of things they could do, but haven’t done then. This desperation wave often covers people totally: there was so much time wasted in vain!

There appears a really huge number of things which never happened because of the simple fear or because of someone expecting the more suitable moment. Then, the understanding of how silly was to delay or to fear something comes.

Think, is it worth to wait until you get old? Is it OK to be late for changing something? Maybe it is better to believe the words of those who felt that already. If you still expect your personal sign to appear, here it is: START!

Don’t Be Afraid of Difficulties

It’s easy to say “Start”. Sometimes, starting is really difficult. The first uncertain steps are not simple. Just know you really can become cool & successful, not only to dream about that. You can do anything, as soon as you get out of your comfort zone. Being afraid at first is normal, you don’t fully believe in yourself yet.

You have everything you need to change the world right now. Don’t look too far into the future. Use what you have at your disposal right now. The main component of any of your deeds is you and your will, not the instruments and resources you’ll obligatory get some time later. If you’ll think on your obstacles and difficulties too much, you’ll kill even the greatest idea at the very beginning.

Start Right Now

Start at Once

It doesn’t matter who you are and who you want to be. If you were born on this planet, there were some reasons for that. Nobody is ever born as the element of the plan. It is you who chooses your fate.

Stop asking yourself endless questions. Stop listening to anyone else. The world expects you to make something great! It expects you to tell what you want to tell. It waits for you to bring your project to life or to share your ideas with someone. It simply for waits any actions from your side.

Realize Your Dreams

Have you got a dream you’re afraid of even thinking about? Do something for it to become your reality.

We all got used to think we’re not quite good for that. This is the reason why may people give up even before they start. Fear of doing something new will never leave you, but this doesn’t mean you have to sit still. You can get used to this fear and accept it.

Self-criticism and the lack of self-confidence will be somewhere nearby, too. The only thing you can do here is to act despite everything. Your first book, article, song, podcast, your first working experience won’t be perfect, you won’t be satisfied totally with them. And this is fine.

After that you won’t be so afraid to express yourself. You’ll start moving towards your success, and you’ll have some experience. You don’t sit still. You get better step after step, despite first difficulties and being slightly unlucky. And this is what matters. The fact you keep going is the point.

Use all the unlimited possibilities the Age of Information gives you. You’ve got everything you need at your hand’s distance, you only need to find it. Remember, there won’t ever be your perfect time. There is no such definition.

If you feel you can start acting right now, don’t hold yourself. Don’t wait until everything becomes great and wonderful. Start doing something and stop reading to this article!

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