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Stress-Resistance: Work on the Skill

Stress Employee

It's not a secret that stress is an integral part of modern life. This absolutely doesn't matter who the person is. So, when does the stress appear? In fact, it is a result of accumulated negative emotions for a period of time. When there are more negative emotions, then the emotional outburst will also be more in the future, and because of any occasion! Nowadays many students are torn between work, school, and personal life. It is very hard. So, the question arises: how to develop the stress-resistance?

The First Step to Stress-Resistance: The Analysis of the Situation

The first thing to do to develop stress-resistance is learned to analyze the stress. You should ask yourself the following questions: "Is the problem serious?", "How can it affect my life?", "Can I do something with it?"

Will you feel better yourself after the not needed complaint? Will it change the situation? It will not. You can curse, complain to any gods, but the situation won't change because of this. So, should you be nervous because of the situation that you can't change? Is it necessary to spend thousands of nerve cells on unnecessary feelings?

Conventionally, stress can be divided into two categories: which you can change and which you can't change. In the first case, the only right decision is to analyze the situation and take relevant measures to remedy the problem. In the second case, you shouldn’t just pay too much attention. Don't be nervous for nothing, just act!

The Second Step: Let It Go

It is proved, that negative emotions need a way out. To do this in many offices, there are special lounge-zones. They're equipped with exercise machines, punching bag, sets of darts, etc. Any employee tired of superiors or customers of the firm can come into this room to "let off steam", and unwind. There are also many other interesting methods: for example, you can create your own "abusive" notebook in which you can write down all the "good things'' that you think about your surroundings. The main thing is to hide it away from prying eyes. Are you afraid of a nervous breakdown? Well, then it will be better to get away from work for five minutes, and with a benefit. Walk from one part of premises to another; even this small exercise can help to distract. Get out into the fresh air and do 7-10 slow, deep breaths. Mash your neck, easily massage your head, starting from the forehead and moving toward the back. Not to bring home the negative energy, it is recommended to "dump" it somewhere along the way (but not in any way on others!). You can go jogging or to the swimming pool: running for half an hour or some heats in the pool are a great way to forget about the problems and relieve stress.

The Third Step: Care for Health

Jogging Girl

A healthy body means a good mood. When you are sick, hungry, endure something not pleasant or any other sorrows, every detail is a big problem for you, and, thus, makes you nervous. The stronger is your health, the less you will be vulnerable to stress. For this you should eat good, have necessary medications with you to treat certain ailments (head or tooth pain, stretching muscles, poisoning, etc.) and train your body. Try to find in your busy schedule place for walking, swimming pool or yoga room. By the way, yoga (or any other breathing practice) helps you relax and rejuvenate.

Why Do We Need This?

Stress, if not to treat it, always leads to a disease. Many have noticed such a feature: if you are nervous, then you have headaches, insomnia, rhinitis, high temperature and other troubles. Because of illness, you have a bad mood, your productivity reduces and you have a general malaise, which also causes problems and stress. So everything depends on you: take care of yourself, and remember that no problem is worth your nerves!

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