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Scary Story Writing

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Creating a scary story may become a complicated task for one who is not experienced in writing and has no talent or knowledge in this field. However, this is a common task at school or college to check students’ creativity and fantasy. This type of stories has several specific features and rules which should be taken into consideration by one who tries to make a truly terrifying novel. In this article, major steps in writing of horror narrative are presented. In addition, some useful tips and hints are given as well.


Every scary story has its own antihero, around which the plot goes. This is one of the most significant parts of work. This character should be dreadful and attractive at the same time. His task is to awake the true reader’s interest. Every feature of this hero has to be well-minded, from his past to the contemporary habits and goals. The temper shouldn’t be univocal; it is great if one has controversial qualities which make the audience think and make suggestions. Small details in appearance or behavior also matter.

Positive Personages

Of course, there have to be several good guys who fight against evil and it depends on your decision which side will win. It is possible to put average citizens in the center of the story. Add some specific features to their character or appearances, which make one stand out from others. Sometimes author decides to create a perfect hero with no negative qualities in order to oppose them to the absolute evil.

Be Dynamic

Dynamic stories full of action are attractive for the audience. There can be no boredom in a scary story. Moreover, such tone of storytelling lets author add unpredictable horror moments with the effect of surprise. Fast events’ changing keeps the reader in constant pressure and allows the writer to control his emotions.

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Descriptions and Atmosphere

It is hard to overestimate the role of the atmosphere in the scary story. There may be no blood, monsters or ghosts but horrifying ambiance. That is what readers like. How to reach this in your novel? Pay attention to descriptions, words which you use, style and tone of storytelling and so on. Try to create the image of events. Search some metaphors, comparisons and epithet to emphasize the feeling of fear in your story. The task of the author is making reader sense the atmosphere and impressions of occasions in the book.

Don’t Be Banal

Avoid copying famous horror clichés as kind vampires or forests with monster creatures. People will ignore your writing because no one likes to read the stories with same sense over and over again. Think well about the original ideas before starting work.

All in all, writing of scary story may be quiet amusing and unusual experience for both teenagers and adults. Moreover, it helps to discover one’s fears and fight against them. Use these tips and hits to get an “A” mark for you writing and waste a less amount of time for its creating.

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