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Essay Author’s View: How to Be Steady


Steadiness is one of the main components of success and happiness. Life of every human, whether they are students, writers, businessmen or whoever else, is full of unlucky and unhappy moments. The fact of how you react onto these moments determines your ability to live a life. Steady people always reach the finish line, being more strong and experienced, and not angered by their previous fails.

The antipode of steadiness is helplessness. This is a habit (or a feature of character), when you are stunned with any unpleasant situation, feel negative emotions and do not even want (or are not able) to overcome the failure.

One of the most experienced authors who write essays for our company, decided to share her knowledge and experience about the rules that help in making the important step from being helpless to becoming steady. After you make that step, your life and world vision will change for sure. There were students who passed through this successfully already.

  • 1. Work on Your Mental Flexibility

    It is the skill to change points of your attention when external circumstances require you to do that, and the skill of generating and estimating several different ways to react onto every task with the highest possible effectiveness.

    Mental flexibility is what lets you adjust to circumstances instead of fighting against the reality, and helps you to solve troubles more effectively. They recommend to develop being flexible through games. Tabletop games which make you review plans and change strategy regarding the actions of other players are numerous. Find the one you like the most and master it.

    As soon as you gain that skill, you can use it in real life, and become steadier.

  • 2. See How to Gain Profits from Failures

    Looking onto an unpleasant situation passively means nothing but a resources’ and time waste that exhausts you mentally. When meeting unhappy moments or unpleasant situations, you need to find a way to get any positive experience from what happens.

    For example, try thinking about skills needed to gain for overcoming the situation. Additionally, think how dealing with it will help you become steadier.

  • 3. Turn a Difficulty into a Challenge

    Marking a difficulty as that is bigger than just semantics. Difficulties mean suffering. Challenge means possibilities and adventures. Is it possible for you to turn the negative situation you’ve met into a positive and productive one? How can you do that?

    Psychologists explain, that if you treat the situation as a threat, your mind starts reacting on your fear. This means, your organism will turn on the worrying mode.

    And otherwise, when you see the deal as a challenge, your body relaxes and starts using the available energy effectively.

  • 4. Avoid Mental Traps

    Did something go wrong, you got stuck and thoughts are on the repeating playback? Do you start thinking about who to blame for that all? Does the problem seem to be much more complicated than it actually is? If yes, then you have met mental traps.

    Avoid any thoughts, that make you come to a dead end. Think how to get out of the unpleasant situation instead.

  • 5. Active Thinking

    It leads to acting, and for getting yourself out of an unpleasant situation, you obligatory have to act. To start thinking actively, answer next questions:

    • What can I do for the situation not to become worse?
    • How can I deny damage dealt by this trouble?
    • What aspects can I control?
    • What is the best way to react?
  • 6. Look for a Role Model

    Psychiatrists recommend trying to become steadier by using a model you can copy.

    Learn people you admire and who are steady, analyze them. How do they deal with their troubles? For many people, such a person is Nick Vujicic.

  • 7. Make an Anti-Stress Vaccination

    A doctor vaccinates patients from illness by inserting some weakened virus into their bodies. This activates natural immunity reactions of human organisms. The same thing happens when you feel stress on purpose: experience everything that is out of your comfort.

    Here are some ideas:

    • Visit a cafe and have a dinner alone;
    • Learn something new;
    • Do something that scares you.
  • 8. Practice Realistic Optimism

    Optimistic Steadiness

    Steady people feel they can deal with any trouble prepared by their lives. This does not mean they pretend the problem does not exist or can be solved on its own. This means they know the point of a problem and take right actions to overcome it.

  • 9. Visualize Positive Results

    Visualize what you want to get in as many details as you can and think about several steps you can make in order to start moving towards the required direction. This moment is closely connected to the previous one. It is important to perform actions to reach the result, not just to imagine it.

  • 10. Charge Yourself

    Spend time alone with the nature, listen to inspiring music, read motivational book or watch the movie. This will help you replace your sadness with hope, and turn your anxiety into a positive energy.

  • 11. Practice Consciousness

    Consciousness is an instrument to fill yourself. Meditation teaches you to watch after your thoughts, not to make judgments on them. It gives you patience, which is especially needed in a modern world.

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