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7 Ways to Read Really Many Books

Every student knows reading to be the key to success that neutralizes stress and improves one’s memory. But they still can’t find time for books. If you are the one of those, read this article. Tips here are going to be helpful.

  • 1. Stop Reading if You Do Not Like a Book

    Book Reading Ways

    Don’t you want to seem to be a human that falls back before difficulties? Is that a reason why you make yourself read a book to the very end, even if you do not like it? If yes, then you are wrong. You should not use that approach towards reading.

    Reading should not be an obligation. Stop it, if you do not like a book. Then you will have more time to read something you actually like and get satisfaction from.

    And stop blaming yourself, if the book seems to be unreadable for you.

  • 2. Use Every Free Minute

    Stephen King says reading was the guarantee of his success as an author, and recommends everyone to read five hours per day, especially if they want to become a writer. Mr. King does not get away from home without a book and reads anywhere. You can try it, too.

    There are many free minutes during the day that can be spent on reading. Of course, you should not fall deep into a book during a friendly meeting. Still, why not to read while standing in a queue or in a traffic jam?

  • 3. Be Silent About Your Plans

    As researchers think, when a person tells someone about their intention to achieve a big goal, they succeed rarer. The fact you shared the information is perceived by your brain as target achievement, and your motivation goes low.

    So, if you want to read more, set up that goal for yourself. You can even write down the required steps. But never tell others about that.

  • 4. Exclude Distracting Factors

    If you are likely to be distracted by a TV or computer, sit and read away from them, in another room. Otherwise, your energy is going to be spent on keeping yourself under control, and there will be nothing left for reading.

    The psychology experiment of Roy Baumeister confirms that. He once asked hungry participants to solve a difficult puzzle. One group of people received cookies and was told not to eat it, and other group got nothing. Participants who had cookies gave up much earlier.

  • 5. Read Paper Books

    This will help you to stay concentrated and to avoid wasting your willpower for nothing. The point is, people often start surfing the internet while reading something on electronic devices. They quit reading due to that.

    Well, and a paper book is just pleasant to be held in one’s hands.

  • 6. Change Your Attitude Towards Reading

    Many writers think this to be the main point of reading more.

    Stop thinking about reading as about a task you need to deal with. Reading should become natural for you, like breathing and eating.

    First, try reading a certain number of pages per day. With time, you will get used to reading.

  • 7. Look for Recommendation Lists

    Decision making tiredness is real. If you don’t want to spend energy to choose the next book, look through recommendations. Seek ones from your favorite stars, lists that were created by authority editor houses and outstanding writers.

    Of course, not everyone can read 500 pages per day like Warren Buffett, or 50 books per year like Bill Gates. But if you follow these tips, you will read more books this year than you did previously.

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