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25 Ways to Get Rid of Depressive Thoughts

When allowing depressive thoughts to gain control, you get yourself trapped in the endless deep of sorrow. That is why you need to get rid of them as soon as possible.

People suffering a depression are chained by their own negative emotions, thoughts, doubts and prejudices. These chains cause such a big pressure, that a person literally cannot estimate the situation clearly and adequately, and can’t listen to other people’s opinions as well.

Overcoming the depression needs a lot of huge efforts to be put. But activities that seem to be simple will help you deal with this problem, too.

  • 1. Meditate


    It is a proven fact, that meditation stimulates production of serotonin and noradrenalin. Low levels of these two important neurotransmitters causes a person to feel sadness. Regular meditation helps you to calm your negative thoughts down, to see the beauty of the world around you, and to feel yourself alive and cheerful.

    Start practicing meditation from one minute in the morning and before going to sleep. Time can be increased at your will.

  • 2. Communicate with Friends

    Even if you can’t talk to anyone, make yourself do that. Social isolation will only strengthen your depressive state of mind. Friends can improve your mood and charge you with energy.

  • 3. Go in for Sports

    Sports activities can greatly increase endorphin level (it is the hormone responsible for your feeling of happiness and joy). Regular training helps to deal with other illnesses along with fighting your depression. Sports make your organism stronger, normalize your blood pressure and lower heart diseases risk.

    Scientists recommend going in for moderate physical training, like walking for 30-60 minutes 3-4 times a week.

  • 4. Eat Healthy

    State of health can directly influence our thoughts and emotions. Diseases take energy and make your mood worse. Healthy eating is the key to a good health.

    Provide balance in your diet. Organism has to receive all the vitamins and minerals needed for it to function well.

  • 5. Read Motivational Books

    Constant self-development is very important for every person. And we all can get lots of knowledge from books.

    Motivational books became very popular nowadays. They tell about thinking positively, learn to provide self-analysis and help dealing with many problems. You can choose the one that fits you exactly.

  • 6. Consult a Psychiatrist

    The qualified psychiatrist can help you deal with a depression. They can listen to you and give you some tips about starting to think positively.

    Additionally, there exist support groups where people share their experience with each other. It is much harder to fight depression while being alone. And such groups are excellent for building up new connections.

  • 7. Take Part in Social Life

    Do not sit in the middle of four walls. Visit public events, communicate with people. Good mood of people around is contagious. It can give you the required energy charge and deny your negative thoughts.

  • 8. Start a Thanksgiving Diary

    Write about good events that happened to you during the day every evening. Describe in details, why these events and things make you happier. Write why you are thankful about the day that passed.

    This measure lowers your stress level and calms you down before going to bed.

  • 9. Put Three Goals for the Upcoming

    Planning help to concentrate on the precise task you want to get done till the day ends. When you reach a certain goal, your mood gets better and you gain confidence in your own powers. You won’t even notice how small steps can lead you towards big results a bit later.

  • 10. Listen to Energy Music

    Music has a wonderful ability to influence our mental state. So, you should not make the situation more serious by listening depressive songs about unhappy love.

  • 11. Laugh More Often

    Laughter makes your life longer. Your brain produces dopamine, the joy and satisfaction hormone while you laugh. So, the more often you laugh, the happier you become.

    Start your morning with a smile, and then you are going to feel yourself better during the whole day.

  • 12. Have a Mental Diet for 7 Days

    To get rid of depressive thoughts, you need to reprogram your way of thinking. Work on its changing for a week in order to achieve that.

    Switch to something pleasant as soon as you feel you start sinking in negativity. Remind of something that brings you happiness. Become a master of your thoughts.

  • 13. Let Old Insults Go

    You might have come across this saying by Buddha: "Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die."

    When you think on your insults constantly, negativity is being accumulated inside of you. Anger causes changes to your state, not to other people.

  • 14. Forgive Others


    Unsolved problems, just like old insults, are the constant sources of depressive mood. It is quite easy to forget about somebody’s small misses. And forgiving a person for something really serious is not that easy for everyone. It requires lots of internal power and self-control to be used.

    But if you won’t be able to forgive someone, this feeling will “eat” you for years, not allowing living in peace.

  • 15. Help People

    It is a proven fact, that a person gets satisfaction when helping others. This moment is the same to the one with laughter, when dopamine is produced. When doing good things, we get positive emotions and get rid of feeling empty and unneeded.

  • 16. Stay Under Sunrays More Often


    When staying under sunrays, your organism produces vitamin D that takes part in all life processes. It can improve your mood as well.

  • 17. Surround Yourself with People Who Can Support You

    Stay with people who are not indifferent according to your life. It is very important for you to feel safe, comfortable and confident near them. Get away of people who pull you down.

  • 18. Analyze Your Negative Thoughts

    Lack of self-confidence and depressive thoughts lead you to feeling yourself as a useless loser. Try to write down thoughts that bother you. Then find out what thoughts and statements are actually true.

  • 19. Have a Sleep

    Of course, when being a student, it is not that easy to sleep 7-9 hours per day regularly. But unhealthy sleep and insomnia make depression stronger.

  • 20. Devote Time to Your Favorite Activities

    Do things that you liked doing before: visit a cinema, swim in the pool, go to Russian hills. Of course, it is hard to be glad of life while being depressed. You need to learn how to do that again. Maybe, you’ll have to make yourself do that for some time at the start. But with time, you’ll feel satisfied with your hobbies again.

  • 21. Get Rid of Perfectionism

    Perfectionism provokes constant stresses and causes desperation, lack of self-confidence, mental exhaustion, insomnia and other health troubles.

    There is nothing perfect in life. Everyone and everything has some lacks. Be glad of what you already have. If there is something not satisfying you, fix that bud do not play with extremes.

  • 22. Find Time for Yourself

    Get out of your routine. Spend a weekend in a new place. Have a rest, stay alone for a bit, and clean your mind from unnecessary thoughts. That is a perfect time to try out all the tips from this article in action.

  • 23. Stay Open for New Things

    Go in for something that is absolutely new for you. Visit an unknown place. You don’t even need to leave for somewhere to do that. There is a gallery or a museum you have never visited in your city, for sure. Read a book, go volunteering, start learning foreign language.

  • 24. Walk

    Student Walking

    Nature has an amazing power that can cure your mental wounds. Fresh clear air, birds singing, wind blowing and a beautiful landscape picture before your eyes. Peace and silence. There only is the existing moment. And if to walk together with a person you love, your happiness will be just unbelievable.

  • 25. Do not Give Up

    Everyone can give up. It is much simpler than fighting your depression and getting glad of your life. Any human meets difficulties and worries. If you learn how to overcome them, you’ll be able to deal with everything.

    You only live once. Do not waste your life for sadness and negativity.

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