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Reflective Essay Format

Person Writing

Sometimes it may be complicated for one to write a reflective essay, however, almost every one of us has met such task at school or college. What does such kind of writing mean? It is considered to be an author’s evaluation of his experience. One can write about the thing which changed his life and influenced him as well. Here are several tips and hints, which will assist you to make writing a reflective paper successful.


The first issue one can meet is choosing the major theme. It seems to be easy; however, there are many details you should pay attention to. Think well about what kind of things in your life you want to write about and formulate the main idea in two or three sentences. It shouldn’t be too long or complicated for understanding. Avoid using details while making the key points in the text.


Abutting questions are necessary for you if you have no idea how to build a sound logical essay. Just concentrate on the major statements and ask how these things influenced your mentality if they have changed something in your mind or in the way of your thinking. Inquire yourself if there is anything unclear left, what you mind about the author’s position and so on. Such question will definitely help you to make the essay full and clear.


In this part of the text, you have to write the major idea, on what issue the essay is focused and why it is so important. It doesn’t have to be long and tricky, use plain constructions to make the thesis fair to the limit.

Person Typing

Main Body

This is the biggest and most significant one. Here the author puts his thoughts about the major issue, describes and analyzes his life experience and feelings. One should give his regard to it and write if it is good or bad. Moreover, certain events can be compared with the others. The author shows the way something influenced and changed him. There should be plenty of details which will make a reflective essay more convincing and persuasive.


This paragraph is for summing up every thesis in the essay, making the view full and clear. The point from introduction should be mentioned as well. In the paragraph, author accentuates attention on the certain effects which were caused by his experience. However, there are no strict rules about the conclusion in a reflective paper.


It is a bad idea to use slang or jargon, unusual shortening or abbreviations. Choose plain constructions while building your statements, there should be no misunderstandings with the reader because of tricky language. Pay attention to grammatical rules, as mistakes are not acceptable in any kind of writing. Don’t rely on computer programs fully and check your essay’s grammar by your own.


After finishing the writing, review the text on inaccuracies and mistakes. Maybe, you will add some details. Find somebody to read your paper and pay attention to their remarks: it can be useful as well.

To sum up, writing a reflective essay is not a hard task for the student. The principal thing is following rules and hints which will support you in creating this one. Stay clear and build your text well. There is no need to have a writer’s talent to make a good essay.

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