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Essay Writing Prompts for Leadership Studies


If you have ever had the course named “Leadership Studies” you must be aware of the scope of disciplines that it deals with. First of all, you are studying a number of sociological aspects as well as the psychological facets of this area. Also, the learner should be well-informed in such subjects as educational studies and management in order to get a good grade in this course. In case you are looking for an essay prompt that will reveal one of these features or all of them together check the ones prepared by our service.

Essay Prompt #1 “Leadership and Its Styles”

Since leadership deals with management mostly there are different ways how it can be applied in practice. You can review various leadership styles and their classifications and prove which ones you consider the most and least effective or find out if they can be combined for the most productive work.

Here are some of them:

  • Activating leadership style: making people around you move together with you to complete certain tasks on the way to the common goal;
  • Innovating leadership style: this one deals with different kinds of improvements that are fresh and original and are meant to make the working environment and process more convenient and fruitful;
  • Stabilizing style of leadership: this way is about keeping the team together, resolving the issues in a very smooth way so no member of the team feels uncomfortable.

Essay Prompt #2 “A Success Story”

This type of essay will require you to tell the reader about a person who you consider to be a successful leader and about his way to those heights. Remember to use only those details and facts from their life that reveal the aspects which are key for your leaderships studies course. Remember that the success story is not a biography where you need to tell about every single event – try to extract only those moments that are really important on the person’s path to achievements.

When selecting a person to write about you should better consider those leaders who are close to the major that you study. For instance, if you are involved in business studies it is worth choosing the successful businessman as analysis of their way will help you to achieve the desired results.

Essay Prompt #3 “Your Personal Way to Becoming a Leader”

If you are to tell about your own path in leadership you should be aware of the features that make you a leader. Some of them are perfect organization skills, time-management, analyzing abilities, well-developed communication competence and proficiency in your area. After you clarify which ones are the most crucial for you as a leader you have to expound your methods of developing those competences. Try to be specific and explain in which activities you are involved in to develop your soft skills, for example. Remember that you should indicate about your theoretical and practical trainings so your essay is provided with the proofs and does not appear to be just a reflection.

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