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Fight the Fear of Public Speaking

Stage Full Audience

The fear of public speaking is a very common phenomenon: it seems that there is no person who would not be worried delivering the report or making a presentation at a conference in the college. This fright is quite possible to fight; even the most introverted person can become a good orator. Here are some tips to cope with an anxiety before the performance.

Don’t Try to Settle Down

When you are getting ready to the public report, it seems that the main thing is not to worry in any way possible. Although, the studies show that this is not the best strategy. It is better to admit your own fears. Anxiety is a strong emotion, so try to redirect it in a positive way and transform it into a joyful anticipation of the future event. If you still can’t cope with the tremble, you may do some exercises. A short training will help you to have a rest and relieve the negative tension. The main point is to know that your hearers in major are friendly and they don’t want you to fail.


Repetitions are the key to the good performance. If you repeat the report out loud many times, you certainly will memorize what you want to say. It is said that Winston Churchill had rehearsed each minute of his speeches for an hour. You aren’t the president so maybe you wouldn’t need so much time, but you will certainly become more confident with the next rehearsal. Don’t learn your report by heart, it will seem that you were forced to.

Learn More About the Subject of the Speech

It is obvious that you may perform the speech, if you know your topic well. It is necessary to prepare what to say – frantically writing it the night before a conference is not the best idea. If you know the content of the report well and learned some additional materials, you will be more assured to perform on the stage. It will help you to express more clearly, and tricky questions wouldn’t be a surprise for you. If you start to worry, remember that only a few people studied in details the topic of your report.

Girl Choose Clothes

Choose Comfortable Clothes and Shoes

You need to choose the appropriate things to wear. It is better to choose the comfy clothes in which you will feel like a fish in the water. It will allow you to fully concentrate on the report. You need to give up the new clothes and especially shoes – it will be more difficult to perform on a stage in the shoes that rub your feet. Don’t forget about the dress code: if your style fits the place, it will be easier to create the bond with listeners.

Eye Contact

A lot of orators prefer to look above the listeners, but it is better to establish the eye contact. There is a home training method – cut a few large portraits from newspapers and magazines off and place them around the room. Try to perform your report looking on the one face and then on the another. Also you may find some person in the hall who seems to be friendly, such as your good mate, and imagine that you speak to him only.

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