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Become a Morning Person: Easy Guide

Girl Waking Up

Are you tired of hating everything as soon as you hear your alarm clock? If you want to cut off a bad habit and teach yourself to become healthier, you might consider becoming one of those legendary morning people, who seem to have it all together. Going to sleep early and rising before the sun are the main features of a real morning person. How to train yourself in a few easy steps?

Find Your Motive

There is always a reason, hidden underneath the desire to change. That reason will become your goal, and the splendid oasis in the desert that you will strive to reach as soon as you can. Maybe you are tired of the heavy bags under your eyes, or you miss the sun in the early morning. Do you want to own a dog that needs walks at 6 am? Or is it just the plain need not to be late for work every single day? Write down that reason in capital letters on a piece of paper and hang it on the fridge. If you really want to change your lifestyle, think about that reason every time your lazy side shows its face.

Start the Morning From the Evening

Now that you sorted out your motive, you will need to sort out your sleep habits. Often we cannot get up because we stay up late. We get too distracted by the internet, a friend, a problem or just by the thought that if we go to sleep another day will be over. Instead of busying ourselves in the evening, the best solution is to create a sleep sanctuary. Turn off your notifications, unplug from all technology and buy new colorful sheets or a cozy pillow for your bed. From now on, evenings are for you to relax, so just make yourself a cup of chamomile tea and concentrate on the good thoughts that float in your brain before falling asleep.

Do Not Stress Over Insomnia

Change comes gradually, so do not force yourself to sleep at 8 pm if you stayed up until 2 am each night that week. Adjust your sleep schedule gradually, adding one hour of sleep each day. If you just cannot turn off your brain, just make yourself cozy and do not stress over your insomnia. Dim the lights, and find a relaxing book or some music to lull you into sleep. Little by little, you will be ready to transform into the morning person of your dreams.

Cozy Bed

Use the Snooze for Good Use

The snooze button may seem like a relief for many, but in reality, it is just a trap. If you truly want to become a morning person, hit the snooze button and immediately get out of bed. Go to the bathroom, the kitchen, pet your cat, water your plants or stare out of the window. Make yourself as alert as possible, until you hear your alarm go off again. If you still want to sleep after the second alarm, then you may be too tired to continue, and should reward yourself with sleep. In the opposite case, congratulations! You are on the right path to turn into a morning person.

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