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College Style: How to Look Cool

Girl Wardrobe Panic

Everyone wants to believe that the main thing is the soul and a deep inner world, but the reality proves that things are different. Appearance is the first thing you pay attention to when meeting another person. In the college this reality hits you hard. If you want to be cool, you need to look through your wardrobe.

Watch for the Trends

The 90th are back again in 2016. Fashion is a very changeable thing; each season brings us some new forms and combinations. Look through a few fashion magazines to understand what is stylish today. For example, not so long ago high waist and long skirts were on the top positions. You can add some accessories, mix different clothes to create your own style.

Get Dressed for Your Age

It is a really big problem, when young boys and girls turn themselves into old men and women with their clothes. For example, flower patterned blouse with frill on the sleeves immediately adds you 5-10 years. If you want to look cool, watch what your friends of the same age wear.

Proper Length of Pants

This point had to be put into the separate paragraph. There is nothing more unstylish for men than a pair of breeches. They make fatal combo together with socks and sandals. Don’t wear them whatever the reason. It suits only old men. To look good in the college, choose long pants or shorts above the knees. You can just make your pants a bit shorter but anything that ends right below your knees is considered breeches.

Short Pants

Not Formal but Business

If you want to look cool and classy, pay attention to the hipster’s style. Costumes always are the right choice for both boys and girls. They don’t need to be formal: the shirt with print, chinos, sneakers and a jacket, if you wish. The main point is that suit needs to fit you. The 19th century doctor said: ‘Bow Ties Are Cool!’ They really are. Colorful bow tie will add a highlight even to the most boring look. It is unisex and universal accessory.

Bow Tie

Choose What Suits You

Each element of the clothes was created for the certain body type. It can both emphasize your body’s virtues and hide some flaws. For example, trendy culottes suit both tall and thin girls. If you like some clothes, but unfortunately it doesn’t suit you, you need to deal with it. It’s better to find something suitable than throw money down the drain.

Remember: expensiveness of clothes is not the main point. The taste is more important. You can have cheap shirt, but if you know how to reach perfect balance in combining elements, you will look better than Kim Kardashian. Unlike her, do not make a choice in favor of vulgar clothes. After all, college is not a fashion show, it is an official institution. To make it clear, you shouldn’t wear transparent clothing or very short tops.

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