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Proposal Speech: Topics, Guidelines and Tips for Students

Student Speaking in Class

Students prepare proposal speeches before starting a research project. The topic, purpose and their structure must be agreed and accepted by research advisor or committee and the research proposal is a type of work that is aimed to present those points to audience. Our article will provide you with useful pieces of advice on choosing the topic, structuring your proposal and writing it in an effective way.

Selecting a Topic for Proposal Speech

  • A research project is a large piece of work that requires immense efforts and time. In order for them not to be spent in vain one must be sure about project’s worth from the very beginning. For this reason, the topic chosen by you must be accepted by your research advisor;
  • One more important requirement is topic’s innovativeness. You should be aware of all the work, which had been completed before you started your research, and take into account that your task is to bring something new: demonstrate innovative approach, reveal novel facets, or study the aspects that have not been investigated before;
  • Your project must possess the practical implementations: the work which you do should be useful for you and others;
  • In order to make your research process exciting, select the topic, which is thought-provoking. It has to grab attention is and be disputable so you can make a claim about it and be able to defend your statement.

How to Structure the Proposal Speech

Paper Draft

The process of proposal speech completion has 2 main stages as this is an oral academic genre. In fact, first it has to be written and only after you put all your ideas on the paper you can train to speak it out.

When you are writing your research proposal, typically, you will include abstract, table of contents, introduction, methodology, results and a reference list. Each of the sections has its own format, which must be followed.

When making a speech, you should not include all the formal parts but concentrate on the most significant ideas and findings. We recommend that your speech includes:

  • Statement of research problem and its background;
  • Reasons why research matters;
  • Purpose of research;
  • Materials which you will use for investigation;
  • Methods and evidence of your research’s novelty;
  • Expected results and findings;
  • Conclusions.

Topics for Research Proposal Speech

Here are some topics that you can consider for your proposal:

  1. Gender issues at workplace;
  2. Innovative methods of environmental protection;
  3. Urban cultural patterns and their influence on social behaviors;
  4. Mass media impact on children;
  5. Age restrictions for social media;
  6. The problem of setting criteria with a standardized testing at school;
  7. Cross cultural issues in class: how to avoid them and teach students to be tolerant;
  8. Business ethics in big corporations;
  9. Abusive behaviors in the Internet;
  10. Types of innovative social media;
  11. Implementing health educations in high school;
  12. Soft skills: their importance and development;
  13. The most effective ways to manage time;
  14. Should modern art be censored?
  15. Censorship in media nowadays: is it necessary?
  16. Education through media: e-learning.

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