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Cultural Values Essay: Types, Topics and Hints

International Group of People

To start with, the topic “Cultural values” is quite a wide field to work on so you should focus on a smaller, more narrow or specific facet of it. Also, the required type of essay matters (you can get this information from your assignment instructions) as the strategy of writing differs depending on whether you have to complete a comparative, argumentative or expository paper.

Here are the hints for students to complete a successful paper about cultural values.

Definition Essay About Cultural Values

Definition essay is a type of writing which requires the writer to develop and explain his or her personal characterization of a notion. Also, the classifications and the view of various scholars can be included.

Possible explanation of the term of “cultural values”, which you can develop in your paper:

  • Cultural values as moral norms to pursue;
  • Some communities’ specific expression;
  • Sociological concept that means set rules and norms developed in a particular place, time and community;
  • Ethical view on cultural values;
  • Cultural values as an anthropological concept.

Helpful tip: if you are having hard times defining abstract terms, such as “cultural value”, you should think about the example representing these notions. It will help you to find support for the arguments and get reader’s interest, as well.

Comparative Essay on Cultural Values

Comparative essay is a piece of writing providing the analysis of two notions, subjects, or events accenting on their similar and distinctive features. The important requirement for selecting objects to compare – they must fall under one category, which will provide a reasonable contrast and comparison.

When completing a paper about cultural essay there are two certain ways to construct a meaningful comparison: you can write about the cultural values of different historical periods and of different places (countries, cities and even regions). You will be able to find a lot of material when contrasting American and European cultural values. Here are some ideas for your work:

European Cultural Values

  • Traditionalism;
  • Art;
  • Social values;
  • Intellect;
  • Aestheticism;
  • Friends;
  • Family.

American Cultural Values

  • Freedom;
  • Success;
  • Property and finances;
  • Equality and safety;
  • Unlimited opportunities;
  • “American dream”;
  • Equal rights;
  • Struggling for results.

Argumentative Essay About Cultural Values

Argumentative writing will require you to state your position regarding a certain issue and find at least 3 arguments to prove it. You must use evidence (facts and examples) in order to defend your claims.

Ideas for an argumentative paper:

  • Manifesting cultural values in products;
  • Dependence of cultural values on social standards;
  • How cultural values are represented in closer observation;
  • Cultural values and legal systems: does a set of cultural norms influence the law?
  • German cultural values through advertising of automobiles;
  • Freedom and individuality as basic cultural values of America;
  • Impact of religion on cultural values in Latin American countries;
  • Are cultural values stereotyped?
  • Trends that were influenced by American cultural values;
  • Eastern cultural influence in Europe nowadays;
  • Cultural values and people behavioral strategies;
  • How product design is controlled by cultural patterns.

The Importance of Cultural Values

Culture Tolerance

The main idea of cultural values is about what is right and what is wrong for a certain part of people on our globe, that have been passing down for generations to their sons and daughters. These people belong to one or similar cultures and surely should have similar values in life, like goals they see as important and that deserve their attention. Foe them, cultural values are the principles and core ideals on which the whole community exists.

Do they differ? Yes, of course. Sometimes the discretion is even so big that the whole communities do not understand each other’s way of life and traditions. However, as we are growing in a modern and tolerant world, we should have learnt to take into consideration people from other cultural background as well as they should.

Cultural differences do not always depend on religious specialties; however, they can often be a reason to having some cultural conflicts between people of different beliefs. No doubts, they have been created long time before people realized they have sneaked into their life and have been grounded in everyday routine to rule their making decision process.

Think of what is important in the country or even a region where you have been grown up; depict some interesting customs and traditions of your family and try to explain how did they evoke and interfere into your life, how do they influence your everyday routine and your family’s way of life and get to know much more about your own cultural heritage.

The Pro and Contra on the Globalization Process

One thing is to learn yourself and young children to be tolerant to other cultures and their values and another one is to observe a massive wave of culture unification that we can feel nowadays. Some people claim it will put under the danger a cultural identity of many communities, others congratulate this process as it may raze to the ground the issues of nationalism and racism.

So, what is better, living in peace in a monocultural society where Asian and South American cultures are completely the same or having a diversity of cultural values but constantly fighting discrimination problems? Let us take a look at this point.

Globalization Merits

  • International team effectivity. Studies have shown that companies with international co-workers tend to unify themselves, in other words to be alike. This is an advantage of globalization – they find it in a quicker way to communicate without being misunderstood and due to their similarities, they can work together without any prejudices;
  • No conflicts and strikes caused by cultural differences. No more offends and insults that some community has more privileges than others in one separate country as all live under one completion of cultural values;
  • No more racism, discrimination or cultural stereotypes. We become more tolerant and open to others and do not consider them of a lower class than us based on their cultural background.

Globalization Deficiencies

  • The above mentioned international teams will definitely experience a lack of new inspirations when having to deal with a new task. No doubts, we all are individuals and have lots of new ideas but with a different cultural background we can have different points of view on the issue and thus become more creative when it comes to getting out of some frames;
  • People often face social injustice as well as prejudices based on cultural and national differences which causes job unemployment;
  • The eternal and colorful history of the previous generation, of our ancestors will fade and disappear due to a new trend of being equal in all aspects of life.

So, these are a few tips and hints on a successful writing of your essay on cultural issues, put your thumbs up if they were helpful and stay with us to read more information on our blog!

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