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Proposal Speech: Ideas and Guidelines

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Find the useful tips for your speech in this post.

An aim of proposal speech is usually receiving grant or sponsorship for a certain research one wishes to conduct. Research proposals are completed before a student starts working on a thesis or dissertation in order to show the ability to investigate the chosen topic effectively and fully.

One of the most important features is its persuasiveness: the writer has to be convincing not only in his or her claims but also demonstrate his or her readiness to complete the research projects with facts, showing awareness of sources, sharp issues and disputable points.

Research Proposal Has a Common Structure

Abstract. This part provides preliminary review of the paper, indicating main points you are touching upon in your project;

Introduction. The introductory section has an exceptional significance as it must state the problem and purpose of the project. Having indicated the reasons and intentions of the research you are to prove that your work is significant and explain the ways how it can be implemented;

Background. Here you are supposed to describe the work, which has been done already, concentrating on the works of other scholars. Do not forget to explain your personal contribution, which must be based on the necessity: some aspect needs to be revealed or an innovative view should be represented;

Methodology. Once you stated the research problem and your purpose it is time to explain the means of its elaboration. Check general and specific methods and select the ones, which are appropriate for your project.

Ideas for Research Proposal Speech

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  1. 1) Topics about education:

    • Effective tools and methods for student’s research;
    • Innovative research methodologies;
    • How to integrate technologies in the educational process;
    • Effective ways to reduce school crimes;
    • Is vandalism a current issue in education?
    • Ways to improve urban education;
    • Mobility in education: pros and cons;
    • Is school uniform necessary today?
    • Education for bilinguals;
    • Multicultural experience in education.
  2. 2) Sociological topics:

    • Tolerance in politics today;
    • Linguistic ways to demonstrate tolerant attitude;
    • Social motivations of language code switching;
    • Racial assimilation: positive and negative sides;
    • Sociological aspects of crime;
    • Philosophical roots of sociology;
    • Music and middle class ambition;
    • Main problems of sociological science today.
  3. 3) Topics about health:

    • Health education at school: is it necessary?
    • Psychological health issues: typical factors of deviations nowadays;
    • Historical view: mental disease treatment;
    • How treatment methodologies changed through ages;
    • Children obesity in the United States: does the issue exist and how can it be solved?
    • Free medical services: what do they include?
    • Insurance medicine: pros and cons;
    • Can abortions be justified?
    • Religion and birth control.
  4. 4) Topics about culture:

    • The concept of heritage culture and ways of its preservation in the United States and Canada;
    • Indian culture and its influence on the modern American art;
    • Cultural values: definition of concept and classification;
    • Factors that make an impact on cultural values;
    • Synthesis of cultures in the United States and its outcomes: assimilation and cultural mosaics;
    • The factors that build up a culture;
    • Culture as a social concept.

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