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Extreme Sports: History and Role

It is not a secret, that extreme sports become more and more popular nowadays. People do parachute jumping, bungee jumping, go for white-water rafting, climb the mountains and go hiking in dangerous areas. Going for extreme sports seems like a modern tendency, however, the roots of its history go deep into ancient times.

Olympic Games

Here Are the Key Points to Remember While Writing an Exploratory Essay About Extreme Sports

  • The idea of an exploratory essay is that you are supposed to make a deep research on the subject and concentrate on the facts you have discovered in a limited number of pages. You are not supposed to explain your point, as well as there is no need to show what extreme sports mean to you;
  • As there are many kinds of extreme sports, if it is possible, try to stick to the related ones, like sports to go for in the mountains, winter extreme sports, extreme sports connected with water and so on. This will help you to explore the field better and structure your essay logically, instead of just sticking random facts together;
  • Remember to structure your essay chronologically. You will need to read it after and check, if all the dates and facts follow each other in the perspective of time.


  • Find out if there is a need for you to describe briefly the whole history of this particular kind of sport or extreme sports in general, or you should only show how it has developed during a certain period of time;
  • The way of including the facts depends a lot on your teacher. Some demand their students to state everything, including the date, the exact place (for example, Bird Nest stadium in Beijing, China, instead of only mentioning the city or the country), all the related sportsmen and so on.

    Others suppose that general facts, combined logically, are enough for a student to understand the object of their research deeply enough.


  • Most of the people suppose, that extreme sports are only meant to amuse the performers, who are simply rushing after adrenaline bursts in their blood. However, extreme sports are also a part of training for risky professions and their elements are included into the army training;
    Extreme Sports
  • Extreme sports, as any other kind of sports, are a part of the world’s culture. They are performed during competitions, that are meant to show the talents of the country, city or region.

Additional Tip:

Do you want to make your paper more original? Write about the usual sports but underwater. Nowadays you can play basketball underwater, and in this way even such a common sport can turn into an extreme one! If you want something that really sends shivers down your body, write about underwater hockey, that is played under the layer of ice.

Extreme Kinds of Sports Today

People who consistently undergo a high level of danger and risen level of adrenaline are said to live a happier and more adventurous life than others. Do you want to know why? What makes the be so addicted to such kinds of activity? The answer is simple: a hunger for excitement and exploring their frames of human’s possibilities as well as a drop of insanity and no self-preservative instinct. Here are a few extreme kinds of sports that are worth your attention.

Sky Diving (Parachuting)

Group Parachuting

One of the most popular kinds of extreme sports for those who are not (or are) afraid of heights. A person is being instructed by the instructor on the land, the second time in the aircraft. The toughest part is to push yourself into the air and let yourself fall extremely fast.

The first parachute jump recorded in the world history has been made in late 1797, the inventor survived. The skills of flying in the air are used in special operations of militaries and fires in forests to make firefighters quickly get to the source of fire. Thus, surfing in the air joking with gravity might be also a good way to relax, right?

Indoor Climbing

Imagine a tall and wide wall with little attachments like stones scattered within a room and people climbing on it. Why? Because they feel amazed by the heights they reach every time they do that. Because it improves their health condition. Just because they have no mountain nearby.

An imitation of rock climbing is becoming more popular than before, especially in areas where climbing outdoors is simply impossible due to an absence of any mountains and hills. If you ever watched a person climbing indoors or tried it by yourself, you will never doubt that it is not extreme sports as injuring, bruises and stretches are guaranteed. As well as a nice mood for the rest of the day.

BMX (bicycle motocross)

It all began with a children game with bicycles that were “must have” in the early 1980s on dirty tracks and turned into a whole competition in just a few decades. Coming originally from the US the popular sports has transmitted to the UK and afterwards the whole Europe.

To keep to their positions of a children’s sport, usually teenagers and children take part in it. Although it seems like quite a game for fun, sometimes the competitions become fierce and nobody knows who will become the “King of the trace”.

Mountain Boarding

Still a young and modern but already getting its public kind of sport is practically very similar to snowboarding, however with four wheels attached to a board you have a unique opportunity to “slide” a mountain in the hot season as well.

Even though it may seem at first sight, this activity is not only individual and lots of competitions are being held and the boards are constantly being improved.

Powerboat Racing

Boats Racing

It is also an extreme marine activity including offshore powerboats racing on the waves of ocean.

Firstly organized by the Automobile Club in Great Britain and Ireland the racing has increased in popularity and over a few years reached the United States.

Nowadays the Venture Cup is being held every two years under a new name of “ultra-marathon”, however due to some troubles with providing a competition in 2016 it has been cancelled again.

Whitewater Kayaking

Deriving from a whitewater river and a kayak, a narrow boat with the help of which sportsmen paddle trying to keep the balance and survive the harsh river waves – this kind of sport has become the top of all death-risking activities that may lead to lots of injuries if not worse.

Some consider them insane, others are in awe of them but one thing we know for sure – no one can stand straight and not lift their head when a person is facing the risk of danger, survives and makes their dreams real.

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