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Education: Don’t Waste Time On Searching

Web Search

The creation of the Internet has improved our ways to browse information, communicate with each other and learn. Internet is filled with websites, where you can find any info about the subject you are interested in – free courses, webinars, the How-To-Do websites. Among the majority of variants, it’s very difficult to decide which website is the best to use.

Considering that there are a lot of resources, here are some websites that will help you to access the necessary information faster.

Course Buffet

Online Courses

Course Buffet is the biggest web catalog of educational sources. It was founded due to the rising number of online courses. The authors offer users a guide to the free university courses. You can choose the category you need: Art, Business, Communications, Economics, Engineering, History etc. Probably, you will find information, which is corresponding to your requests and the university degree. This website has a good organization. It will save your time for learning and prevent wasting it on searching.

Open Culture

Open Culture gathers qualitative resources of culture and educational for users who want to learn more. The main aim of this website is to regularize educational content, divide it in groups, and give an access to it anytime you want. There are available links to thousands of articles and materials for learning – online courses from the top universities, free text books, movies, eBooks, and different language lessons. Site was started in 2006, so Open Culture has the large archive of publications. Also, there are a lot of podcasts and video lectures.

No Excuse List

This resource can be useful for the students of all ages. It is also a catalog of educational websites with high-quality content. Here you can find links to web tutorials and courses from university programs, like Coursera, to “Let`s make Robots”. The website is curated by one person. The main feature is that all sites in the catalogue were tested by author of No Excuse List. Also, there is system of recommendation marks – they are given to the most useful and qualitative resources, according to the author.

Life Skills

Favorite and Forget

Favorite and Forget is run by one person. Every day he updates the website with seven useful links. You can go on the site and randomly browse something from the offered sites, or search through the categories. There are a few of them – Educational links, Life changing (articles or sites, that can help you to improve your life), Useful (apps which will help you to do your duties) and Interesting (tips, that might be helpful not in the education but in the everyday life).

Skills for Grown-Ups

The website is dedicated to the stuff every adult should know how to do. It`s not about a university studying, but about life. When you face some average life problem, like paying taxes, and you don’t know how to solve it – this resource can help you to find the best articles on the web with the solutions.

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