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How to Become a Nerd?

Nerd is a term that is used in various areas. Nowadays the meaning of it is not only restricted to being good in computers and gaming. Today nerd is a person who is very smart and intelligent, skilled in a particular technical area, has their personal and independent opinion on everything. Being nerdy is an up-to-the-minute trend that requires certain qualities and competence from a person.


Books, studying.

If you want to be a nerd learning is your “must-do” activity for every day. The principle of life-long learning is basic for nerds. It is not only about studying in college or university but learning during the daily life. If the person considers him or herself nerdy he or she would not only read an article but would also check it references.

Learning is possible in different forms: from books, other people, e-learning etc. In case it is hard for you to deal with the additional education you can start with being attentive during your lessons and completing home tasks.

Enriching the Lexicon

The feature that lets you recognize the nerd among other people is the words, which they use. Typically these words sound like a magic incantation for others but for you nerds they are just a daily vocabulary. However, when you use the clever words you must be sure about their meaning and whether they are appropriate in the certain situation.

Also, it is better to have conversations with brainy words with people that will surely appreciate and understand them.


This is one of the activities, which learning process involves. Books can be your teachers, friends and inspirers. The genres, which are considered the nerdiest, are scientific books, non-fiction, fantasy, and science fiction. If you cannot find an appropriate one among the mentioned genres you may begin with reading manuals for different devices, computers etc.

Nerdy Friends

Usually our friends are the people that have similar interests to ours. Thus, if you are willing to become a real nerd try to find friends that are already nerds. They will share the interesting things with you; also, you will be able to attend various scientific meetings, conferences and computer games tournaments. Do not lose your chance to find your nerdy companion and never feel a “forever-alone” person.

Get Unique Outfits

Nerd Suits

Nerds do not always wear high fashion brands but their clothes are definitely worth attention. Dressing for the nerd is a way to express him or herself. Often, they would wear t-shirts with different funny logos, but, also, they know how to look really stylish.

The style “smart casual” is a tramp card in the nerd’s hands. If you have glasses – do not hesitate to put them on: they are the bright indicator of how nerd you are.

Manners? Yes, please

Once you decide to become the nerd remember that you should be really nice and take care of your manners. Learn the basic rules of etiquette, say “thank you” and “excuse me” to people that are around you. When you are acquiring the good manners not only nerds but all other people will feel like being your friend and even subconsciously respecting you.

Never Be in Trend

A new book has come out? A new video on YouTube is being viral now? A popular actor plays in a TV show? Really? Who is he? You have no idea about that stuff. You consider yourself above all of that. Only classic is what is worth your attention. Nothing else. These people just do not understand the real value of life.

Never Make Errors

That pleasure is for the other people, you never make any grammar or spelling mistakes. Besides, you write like a typing machine, nobody is writing faster than you. Thinking of it as a dream? Try it out!

You always go deep in details and never let anyone interrupt you or make you doubt. Who else can be more smart than you? Exactly! You listen only to people of your “species” and never pay attention to the point of view of others. But do not forget at least to make an impression that you listen to them.

Have Your Own Library at Home


Were you ever wondering why a house full of book differs from an ordinary house? It makes a completely different impression: even if we do not know that the person is reading or not, a bunch of books still creates that impression that the nerdiest of all the nerds lives here. Because all normal people would typically waste their time in front of a screen, while you are wasting it in a library. Who wins in this situation? No idea. You decide.

Get Ahead in Everything that a Teacher Asks to do as Homework

No need to wait for your classmates to decide what topic they choose for a research paper – you have finished it already. You do not understand how can people not be fascinated in the integrals in Math as it is the most interesting topic in the world. Therefore, you may even do the homework for your classmates when they ask: they have it all done and you get your own portion of satisfaction. Profit!

You Work Alone

No, you are not 100% an introvert but as you work much faster and more productive than others, you see no use in waiting for someone. Therefore, group projects are not for you: either you do everything for the whole group and they worship you like a superman or you leave them struggling with the project and make your own one. Or two.

Be Always Curious

Never too late to study is definitely for you. You want to know everything: from the molecule in our body to the structure of a spaceship. Sometimes you read a few articles about a Yorktown Battle before going to sleep because you realized that you forgot the name of a major of a French Army. And, of course you are eager to retell it in the morning the first victim you meet at school.

Congratulations, you are a real nerd! Want to know how to be an ordinary person? Wait for the next article.

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