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40 Things to Do to Get Back to Childhood

Childhood seems to be as magnificent, as it is distant, but there are always ways to bring it back for a few seconds without any wizards. Try to remember, how little things made you happy, when you were a kid. It could’ve been anything, but here is a list of things you can do to wake up the inner child in you. Feel like a child

  1. Make a little shadow play on the wall.
  2. Build a blanket fort.
  3. Shake a branch of the tree to make leaves, rainwater or snowflakes fall down from it.
  4. Listen to birds singing.
  5. Look at the clouds and try to think about what they resemble.

  6. Cut out fake teeth or little figures from tangerine and orange skins.
  7. Make a birdhouse.
  8. Watch the sunset or the sunrise.
  9. Jump into the center of a puddle.
  10. Start your lunch with dessert.

  11. Fix and wash your favorite toy.
  12. Cut out different shapes of cookies.
  13. Decorate a Christmas tree.
  14. Create hand-made postcards and greeting cards.
  15. Talk about your dreams.

  16. Let a balloon fly up into the sky.
  17. Climb up a tree.
  18. Draw on fogged up glass.
  19. Make handmade caramel candies.
  20. Draw a cartoon on the corners of a notebook pages.

  21. Paint the palm of your hand in different colors and leave a handprint somewhere.
  22. Think of masquerade costumes you would like to wear one day.
  23. Make a handmade masquerade costume by yourself!
  24. Eat your favorite kind of chocolate by biting it off the piece by piece.
  25. Watch cartoons for a whole day.

  26. Build a dollhouse and give it as a present to your sister, cousin or neighbor.
  27. Play with bubbles in the bathtub!
  28. Switch off the phone and read for the whole evening.
  29. Repeat one word a lot of times, so it starts sounding like a different word.
  30. Take electric lights and little candles and light them all up.

  31. Make a few cups of cocoa with marshmallows and treat your relatives.
  32. Draw pictures on the snow – little ones with your fingers, big ones with your feet!
  33. Look at the starry sky.
  34. Make wreaths and hang them on the door.
  35. Cut out paper snowflakes and stick them to the window.

  36. Plant a flower and watch it grow.
  37. Travel to a place you remember since you were a kid.
  38. Think about who you want to be when you grow up.
  39. Ask your mom or grandma to cook you your favorite meal since you were a child.
  40. Get yourself a funny scarf or hat of bright colors.


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