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Create Your Female Image

Fashion and a dress care are the opposite things, and we can’t equal them to each other. As Coco Channel once said, style is foremost, fashion gets out of fashion. So don’t run after the fashion as that won’t support you. To look stylishly you shouldn’t have a huge wardrobe of luxury clothes and shoes. There will be enough just to learn how to combine some clothes and create a new image. It will make you different from others and express your own way.

One Little Black Dress

It is the golden rule of Coco Channel. Each woman ought to have at least one black dress in her wardrobe and nice matching black high heels. You will look quite elegantly and wealthy.

Black dress may be combined with any kind of accessories beginning from glamorous golden chains, ear rings and necklace ending with exotic wooden bracelets, felt feutre jewelries. By the way, you may choose any color of jewelry, because black isn’t a demanding color, but be careful with colorful things. Your belt, handbag, hat, shoes or other staff should be at least of the same color.

A Little Black Dress


You should better have high heels in your wardrobe as well. They make each woman feel more graciously and bolster the self-esteem. The pace starts reminding the sailing manner of swan at the water.

For the sport style it’s good to have moccasins or sneakers, probably a kind of training shoes.

For the casual style it is good to wear slippers or flats, wedges, sandal shoes or heel-less shoes.

Choose the shoes that will give you a sense of comfort, no matter how beautiful they are. Otherwise, you won’t wear them more than once. Thus, they will add to the collection of wonderful shoes that can’t be worn.

A High-Heels

Remember about the hygiene of your shoes.

Let them be clear and well-kept.

Shoes are as your face!

You may have an old dress and no one notice it, but old pair of shoes is showing even from the first glance. They may also spoil the overall impression.

Formal clothes

We all work somewhere – whether it is business, administrative or service sphere. We need to look perfectly. Men may wear the formal suit and they will look wonderful any time, but we can’t say the same about women.

Do remember simple facts:

  • White blouse
  • Straight “pencil” skirt
  • Blazer or jacket or cardigan
  • Scarf and belt

These things will help you to feel comfortable any time wherever you go. They are actually neither fully casual nor fully of the business style.


Trousers will perfectly fit your wardrobe and finish the image.

You may find various kinds of them – flared, bell bottom, loons, peg, dress pants, baggy, carrot and so on.

Casual clothes

Usually people of all ages prefer wearing jeans and pullovers for any occasion.

Even when going to a theatre they put on casual clothes, even though such a behavior was unforgivable and hardly admissible some time ago. Time changes and the rules change as well.

So feel free in your choice, but learn some etiquette principles.


It is almost impossible to see a woman without a handbag. Today there is an extremely wide variety of handbags` types and you are welcome to choose whatever you like. Here is a small hint for you. Try to buy medium size handbag for outgoing occasions like meeting with friends, going abroad, going to work. Clutch is more appropriate for welcoming party or parade, going to a theatre or to restaurant, visiting museums and other events of bon ton society. Huge handbags will serve you in case you need to take lots of things, but be careful, as you may look really funny with them.

Hope the given tips will help you to arrange your wardrobe into a good balanced image.

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