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How to Live Long and Happy: Tips from 100-Year Old People Part 2

Older Man

The next part of 100-year old people arrived! Read and wonder just like we did.

Long Life Tip List

  • 51. Don’t get driven mad because of things. You can’t take them with you to another world.
  • 52. Science can’t cure people on its own.
  • 53. Find someone you want to be like, and dare to achieve even more.
  • 54. Living long is exciting. It is fine to devote yourself to your family until you get 60, and then human should try serving society. Himohara himself is a volunteer since his 65. He continues to work 7 days a week still, and feels satisfied with every minute.
  • Here is an advice for women form a long-living woman:

    55. Don’t marry men who are older than you. It goes the opposite, choose a husband who is younger.
  • What Else? Just Keep Living!

    Keep Living
    56. “I try not to worry. I try to just live” – Katharine Weber, born in 1909.
  • 57. She continues: “I believe that I can handle everything gradually. This helps me not to feel stress.”
  • For many people, long life is connected to a modest way of life:

    58. “I don’t eat much, but I eat a fruit, a vegetable and some meat every day, and try eating fish one-two times a week.”
  • 59. “I’ve paid my credit for the house in less than seven years. I’ve always preferred to pay at once and I still keep up to this rule. Here is the secret of a long life.”
  • 60. Be always busy with something you like.
  • Or, maybe, long life is just luck? Here are thoughts of Paul Markus, who celebrated his 100-s birthday recently:

    61. You need to have good genes.
  • 62. And you are to be lucky.
  • 63. “Don’t try eating healthy. Yes, I eat everything I want. I think the secret of a long life is an ice-cream.
  • 64. It is important to know when to stop.
  • 65. “Take care not only of your body, but of your mind, too. I go in for training, and try being updated about all the latest news.”
  • The real source of youth is humor. That is how the writer Bel Kaufman thought. She lived till her 103. Here are her tips:

    66. Humor is the moving power of life, the way to overcome all the life difficulties.
  • 67. When you laugh upon yourself, others can’t laugh upon you any more.
  • 68. It is needed to be curious. To interest not only in your own troubles, but in things happening in life. To be glad about meeting new people, about anything new, in some words – just to be glad of your life.
  • 69. It doesn’t matter what your hobby is. Till you have a hobby, you want to keep living.
  • 70. Getting old is not a vice.
  • Georgia Poole, who celebrated her 100 recently, is still the football fan. She gave the next advice to a player of her favorite team:

    71. Be careful, try not to get injuries.
  • Some Pieces of Advice From a 101-Year Old Granny:

    Granny Tips
    72. Be honest. When you are honest to others, they answer you in the same way. Plus, remembering lies takes lots of your energy. Why do you need that unnecessary stress?
  • 73. Try being open and impartial, then the world around you won’t seem to be that strange.
  • 74. Always listen to a person you speak with. You’ll learn much more if to listen to the others, rather than to tell about something you know.
  • 75. It is required to love your job. If to find the job you really love, you won’t need to work a single day.
  • 76. Sleep during the day obligatory.
  • 77. You have only one family, so hold it. Of course, there can appear various problems, both financial and private ones, but them all can be solved if not to fall back.
  • 78. Try to notice and to appreciate small things that make our life beautiful. That is the way to slow time down.
  • Additional Tips from Long-Living Persons:

    79. It is needed to get in something interesting every day, otherwise we start to degenerate as persons.
  • 80. Always learn something new. This brings happiness and keeps your mind in tonus.
  • 81. Have a good sleep and try not to worry much.
  • 83. “Be worth of love and respect. I’ve been living that long because many people loved me.” 
  • 84. “I drink scotch every day, and feel great after that.”
  • 85. “I eat only kosher products.”
  • Mary Cooper, born in 1911, told next in her interview to Washington Post:

    86. I never drink alcohol, smoke or use drugs. And I tried not to get upset of anything, especially because of traffic jams.
  • 87. I don’t like stresses and never argue with anyone. I like being surrounded by positive people who inspire me.
  • And yes, most centenarians share the same thought: people need to live their full lives. Here are some additional pieces of advice:

    88. Don’t intrude something not of your business and don’t eat fast-food meals.
  • 89. Laughter helps us to stay healthy. Try finding something joyful in anything.
  • 90. Look inside you and think how you can help the others.
  • 91. Eat well, make lots of friends, and don’t be lazy.
  • 92. A good wife, two whiskey glasses in the evening, and a kind heart – these are the secrets of living long.
  • 93. Never stop doing something. Find something important to you and devote your time to it. This will keep your brain in tonus, and will increase your interest in your own life.
  • 94. It is essentially important to be curious about life.
  • 95. Be cheery, active, get education. And don’t do what someone else wants you to do.
  • 96. Don’t smoke, don’t drink, and don’t go for retirement.
  • 97. Solve problems as they appear.
  • 98. You can be lucky and not to get upset when something goes wrong. And you can eat French plums every day.
  • 99. Do what you think is necessary. Don’t try thinking out every detail, just go and act.
  • 100. Be simple about everything, enjoy your life and remember: what must be, must be. If you catch a cold, drink Baileys Irish Cream liquor before sleep, and you’ll wake up being healthy. 

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