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Interview Essays: Writing Success


Very often young students start a business or a project, and to succeed, they take the example of people who have already achieved success. To do this, they go to various workshops and master classes, but the most popular methods of getting the information are interviews and autobiographical books. Sometimes, students have the opportunity to talk to a variety of influential people. However, not all are able to work correctly with the text, structure and formulate the main idea. We have picked several methods how to make your essay better and more helpful for others.

Let’s Start

Firstly, you need to gather material. Prepare everything you need for the interview. In the case of a personal interview, the most popular things that are needed include pen, notepad, and a voice recorder. You can record a conversation in audio format and note the key points of the conversation in the notebook. Prepare The list of the questions, which you would like to ask, should be prepared in advance. During the conversation, ask correctly whatever occurs in the head, but do not cross the line of the personal territory. If you work with an already prepared interview or an autobiographical book, highlight the points that you were impressed with, and work with them. Preparation of the draft is one of the most important parts while writing any essay. If participants that were interviewed are more than two people, highlight them with different colors. In notes, it is important to order the replicas and give clarity to the presentation.

Logical Order

Once you have arranged an interview, you have to narrate a small introduction of your essay which will be a short description of the interlocutor. It does not have to be a piece of biography issued with a list of dates. Write your entry using art elements, anecdotes or artistic frames. Try to remember an interesting story or description of one’ occupation. Enhance the brightest conversation issues, focusing on the main idea of your essay. What exactly do you mean by this text? What was the key to success particularly for this person? The main part should be presented in chronological order and then followed with the conclusion that sums up the facts written. Try to create “a chain of success.” Follow the way of this person, and try to find the true meaning of success for one, as every human life is special and worth attention.

Things to Remember

Revising the Text

Do not forget to take care of the quotations use and storage of copyright. These requirements must be strictly observed. If you take the interview in person, call again to your companion and clarify whether he allows the use and disclosure of certain information. This is important if a person did not know you were recording the conversation on a tape. At the end of the interview, make a brief author's note. When writing, the final notes must be stick to the objective position. If interviews have denied or confirmed the data, facts, and news, in the author's conclusion, it is necessary to have a mark about that. Be honest with yourself and the person you’ve talked to. These are the main keys for successful interview essay!

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