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Learning a New Language Essay

Countries’ Flags

Language schools and courses are opening every day in various cities and countries. They offer many programs for people with different abilities, age and needs. Moreover, it is quite popular among citizens as everyone today understands the necessity of learning new languages. Not only worldwide as English or Spanish are the objects of studying but exotic tongues as Arabian and Korean as well. In this article, the importance of language learning is proved. It may be useful for students who can’t decide if they really need such kind of knowledge as it demands a great amount of time and efforts.

Travelling Around World

Knowing foreign language gives an excellent opportunity to visit a certain country and feel comfortable there. One will be able to communicate with locals on their native tongue which usually causes respect. Moreover, sometimes people aren’t fluent in global English, and the only way to make a contact is using their own language. It is a good idea before going abroad to learn several common phrases in foreign speech. That will save one from different barriers and troubles.  

Cultural Development

Learning language doesn’t mean being aware of grammatical rules and pronunciation only. To speak fluently one has to discover its culture and traditions. Without understanding a mentality of nation it is impossible to become really good in certain tongue. For example, very often locals have different speech in regions and distinction may be incredibly big. Sometimes, dialects sound like a separate language.   

Tourists’ Group

Better Native Tongue

It is true that learning foreign speech helps one to improve his native tongue. A person can compare grammatical rules, similar words or phrases and other linguistic aspects. Moreover, it is possible to make own research on this subject.

Job Opportunities

A person who knows several languages has more chances to get a well-paid job. Many employers put such skills into the list of requirements for candidates. In addition, it is possible to get some side work for money making. Knowing languages gives one a possibility to translate texts or speech and get a great payment for it.

Study Abroad

It is quite hard to enter foreign university without knowing a local language, that’s why preparation should be started at school years. It is worthy all time and efforts, because studying abroad opens plenty of possibilities for young one, making a new friend, gaining life experience, getting useful skills and education. What’s more foreign grade is welcome in many companies.

International Communication

It will become much easier to make contacts with foreigners. For example, you can chat with someone in social networks on his or her native tongue. That is an exciting experience, as a rule. In addition, you will be able to help tourist from abroad in your native place.

To sum up, knowing several languages opens many opportunities in life, makes a person more culturally and socially developed. This kind of skill may play a great role in certain events, so it is not time wasting as many people think. 

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