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6 Ways to Find Inspiration for Writing Essays for Students

Writing Essays

It is a well-known fact that inspiration is a basis for the whole art. We can call it as a tool which could help us create a piece of art. None of the arts couldn’t manage without inspiration, therefore, even Ancient Greeks tried to find a muse in order to get a desire to create.

Nowadays, inspiration is an inseparable part of life. Human beings require it in order to succeed in affairs or achieve the goal. Especially, students who have a deadline to pass the written work need inspiration. Therefore, there is no time to wait for a muse. That’s why it is important to find ways to get inspiration which could help you with your deadlines.  

Eat Chocolate

According to the scientists, chocolate contains microelements which increase the level of endorphins in the blood. It has a positive impact on our brain which leads to increased brain activity. Therefore, emerges an ability to think creatively which encourages to paint or write an essay. In this regard, chocolate is not only tasty but useful too.

Watch a Movie

A pair of favourite movies can improve your mood and charge with positive emotions and energy! The only exception is avoiding “hard movies” such as horror films, drama or tragedy. These kinds of the movie won’t let you gain positive emotions otherwise, they could lead to a depression or make you cry. However, good comedies could encourage you to implement the desired into reality.

Go Out with Friends

What could be better than going to a cafe and eating an ice-cream? Of course, go out with friends! Gossipy talks, tons of jokes and bright activities could inspire you for the whole week. Positive emotions have a powerful ability to enforce and give life to various ideas which you conceive. Additional bonus is unforgettable moments from the party.


If you have no idea what to do, the best way to recover is traveling. Exploring new places is the best medicine for creativity. Moreover, it isn’t necessary to spend lots of money on expensive hotels, tickets, etc. Just start with your city. Travelling around the neighborhoods of your town could bring a desirable repose. New places – new thoughts, new thoughts – new ideas. By the way, travelling by bicycle will add a stamina to your body. 

Do Sport


If your head doesn’t want to work, let your body do it! Running, jumping and training will give you time for relaxing and at the same time encourage your creativity. Just turn the music on and let your body move – the best way to get rid of unnecessary stuff.

Read Books

Books are an inexhaustible source of ideas. They bring you in the new world, where everything might be different from the reality. But wait… This new world is the reality! Reading gives you an opportunity to dive into the world of thoughts, ideas, characters, etc.  Moreover, you can get some ideas for writing essays from these books. While reading, your brain is watching and looking for something that can push you to create. This something is an inspiration. The main object here is not to lose it. 

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