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Transitional Words that Will Improve Your Essay

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Have you ever tried making a birthday congratulations video with the help of some video making software? After choosing the pictures, the music and the text, your job was to make out of these ingredients a full video to make the recipient smile. The way to do that was with the help of brilliant and accurate transitional effects. The same principle applies to your essay.

Adding Fuel to the Fire

When you are expressing an idea, and another one suddenly pops in your brain, you need to use a transitional word so as not to make you essay look like a fast conveyor belt of ideas or facts. Here are some words that may help you with that: “furthermore”, “too”, “also”, “in addition”, “besides”. For example:

City council should build bicycle lanes. In addition to that, bicycle parking space is also desirable.

Hidden Gem

Contrary to popular opinion, we do not have to use transitional words in every sentence. Instead of that, we can use some common words to develop the idea in a new way. In such case, demonstrative pronouns may come in handy: “this”, “those”, “these”, “that”. For example:

Cats are easier to care for compared to dogs. This explains the dominant number of stray cats on the streets of Rome.

Cats in Rome

Ripples in a Pond

Usually, when you throw a rock into a pond, ripples appear on the water. When writing an essay, you may have to describe the same cause and effect situation for different subjects: historical events, physics principles, an author’s thought process based on his biography. Here are some words that may come to your aid: “because”, “since”, “on the account of”, “therefore”, “consequently”, “hence”, “accordingly”, “as a result”.

As a result of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle receiving a medical education, many of his works contain a sharp attentiveness to the anatomy of the human body.

Looking for Difference

In a contrast and compare essay, we are required to state how a few subjects are similar or what are their differences. If we are comparing species of animals, types of car, or crochet techniques, we can use such words to link the ideas: “in the same way”, “likewise”, “by the same token”, or “yet”, “nevertheless”, “however”, “in contrast”, “on the other hand”.

Adjectives and adverbs have the same function of modifying a word. However, they modify different parts of speech.

Getting to the Final Dot

Having described all the interesting facts or developed all the ideas, we sometimes feel at a loss on how to conclude our essay. Here are some words to help you: “to summarize”, “in brief”, “to conclude”, “finally”. For example:

To conclude, I would like to say that all three methods of saving the Earth from nuclear pollution are worth noticing.

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