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13 Lucky Professions Everybody Dreams Of

Lucky Occupations

Every other day is like a previous one and your job is so dull it hurts? Then, you will be thrilled by finding out that there are a big number of surprisingly enjoyable professions – both unusual and weird, even odd but, nevertheless, interesting and exciting. There are a lot of lucky devils, whose occupations are, for example, to taste new kinds of ice-cream, to drive costly cars and to look after the private island. And all that is a real job! So, have a look at this list of 13 lucky professions and, probably, you will find your calling providing that a job from your dreams really exists.

List of Lucky Professions

1) A professional traveler: all you have to do is to be on holidays all the time, to travel a lot throughout the world and to publish photo - and video reports from time to time.

2) A paradise island keeper: make your living by feeding the turtles, observing the whales` behavior, diving, admiring mysterious underwater world, taking photos and videos of an island and posting it on the Internet as an advertisement just like one man in Australia does. Join him!

3) A personal stylist-purchaser: successful people of this occupation get a living by shopping instead of and for their clients – wealthy people, show-business stars and actors. But the thing is that they have to devote themselves to their clients` desires, figures and life-styles, so they are not supposed to rely on their own taste.

4) Dream-sellers: one company in Chicago implements any fantasies and dreams at the minimal price of 150.000$, so the salary will definitely meet all your expectations.

5) A tourist ambassador in Japan: the only duty is to propagandize this country in order to attract more and more tourists to it.

6) A duck coach in Peabody hotel (Memfis, the USA): the work is about organizing a ceremonial walking of ducks around the hotel.

7) A post of coconut engineer on St. Tomas islands in Ritz-Carlton hotel: look after coconuts falling from the palms and prevent the residents from these disturbers.

8) Moral police in Venice: make remarks to those tourists, who are too undressed and ask them to be more decent-looking. That’s all.

9) A leg positioner: position celebrities’ legs in the way they would look more thin and long than they really are during the photo sessions for magazines, advertisements, video making and so on (by the way, Maria Carrey has got her own leg positioner).

10) An oiler: day by day this special worker has to oil girls-models with oil for photo- and video sessions.

11) A post of grandfather in London: his duties involve talking with grandchildren about the war and his role in it, treating them with sweets, forgetting their names and calling them instead with the names of other people, his dog and so on. As for special duties he has to be able to wake up at 6 o’clock in the morning and to fall asleep in front of the TV.

12) The profession of mermaid: is suitable for those, who is fond of swimming, feels pretty comfortable in the water and doesn’t have nothing against being sometimes with fish-tail instead of their legs. In brief, «Mermaids in Motion» is a company in LA which provides mermaids for topical parks, events, celebrations or advertising companies. Be underwater model and diver and feel fabulously.

13) An expert in the field of repairing teddy bears in Build-A-Bear Workshop in St. Loisa: produce and sell unique bears on order in this hospital for injured bears and safe lives of your «patients» for the children.

Be Involved in Something Unique to Make Your Life Colorful

Special Occupation

This was the list of strange and unusual professions, sometimes ridiculous and sometimes even wonderful. Inspire with it and always try to be involved in something interesting, unusual, and really special, whether it is your hobby, calling or even profession. 

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