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Laziness: Fight with It Making Right Choices

Sooner or later there comes a period in your life, when you stuck in the loans of postponed problems that might not be ignored anymore. With a sad and disappointed face you are asking yourself: “What have I done? How am I going to deal with all this craziness?”

An Unsatisfied Person Thinking

Hey guy! Cheer up! – says your inner voice of powerful Mrs. Lazyness. – It’s not a reason to be down, don’t you think so?

And at this moment you look at your enemy with fear and strong disdain sight and just cry:

- Shut up!!!!! Enough!!!!!


For the first time in your conscious life you did something valuable…

Yes my dear friend – You did. The best prize you may win in the battle against your laziness is your right to choose.

Is It Normal or Is It a Disease?

So… why are the most of people on the bit of their desires? What if that’s quite a normal adequate reaction to follow own wishes? Yes, it is, but not when it outsteps the limits and transforms and comes real hell. The same happens with one of the sliest personality traits – with laziness. Some doctors categorize this taint as a disease or defect in a human’s mentality. Also they propose to heal it using various methods beginning from psychotherapy and ending with the hard-working therapy.

A Psychotherapist

Let’s consider all the pros and cons of Mrs. Laziness to find out, whether it’s needed to be cured or it’s just a usual innocent habit.

The Pros of Laziness

The pros of your laziness may be clearly shown in the next options:

  1. Laziness gives you freedom from being dependent on the circumstances. You just indifferently take care about every sphere of your life – whether it is your career, love, friendship, work, self-development sides etc. We may suppose that the moment of indifference is quite good. Who wants to be a 24/7 superman?

  2. Laziness covers your desire to be needed to others. Nobody is interested in you, if you ignore the surrounding people. Such ideas are proclaimed by Mrs. Laziness.

  3. It allows you to feel irresponsibility toward those, whom you are deeply connected with. Why should I take care of them if …. (there thousands of “why”-reasons)? So you continue thinking negatively ignoring any attempts of your inner voice to stop it.

  4. You won`t be bored because of any issues of financial sphere, such as lack of money. You may live without usual habits you got used to. Why do I have to go to work every day? For what? I can live without this luxury.

But look at the opposite side of it. Actually the cruel reality and results of being in the bottom of the life due to your ‘BEST’ friend doesn’t give really prosperous future.

The Cons of Laziness

How about the cons of the Mrs. Laziness?

  1. You become a looser.
  2. You lose a respect not only of your friends and relatives, but firstly of yourself. Dismay of yourself kills the self-believe and self-confidence.
  3. Your dignity can’t show its voice.
  4. You have no right to choose.
  5. You become a henpecked husband of strict wife Mrs. Laziness. By the way, who has given her such an unlimited right on you?
  6. You feel scared all the time.
  7. You become unsure and doubtful.
  8. You avoid responsibility and somehow risking.
  9. You give up all possibilities to face the new level of life.
  10. Your life-style becomes the topic of neglecting of others.

It Is Your Choice

Do you really want this life?

Be honest with yourself.

Is Mrs. Laziness worth all of these personality’s victims you gifted her and your time to live and not to exist?

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