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Develop Your Creativity

Creativity helps us to resolve problems effectively, so this is the skill needed to be worked out for the everyday use.


A simple task can be done any time: driving a car, walking with your dog, or waiting in a long line, as no extra materials are required for it. The main goal is to create an association chain, starting with any word you want. The longer is the chain, the better, as it shows your ability to concentrate and in some time your mind will open up and ideas will flow easily. It is better if those associations are not too obvious: make them your own and unique, maybe fox is not associated with the clouds for anyone, but you!


Create stories

This is another simple activity, that will help you, and does not require any preparations. List random words, not connected with each other, and create a story using all of them. Another variation of the same task is to list all the words not connected with the topic. For example, if you choose that your topic is Christmas, write down all the words that have absolutely no connection with this holiday in your opinion, and then create a Christmas story using all of them. Results may surprise you! You can end up with the best Christmas story ever!

Use the same letter

A great game for a car ride, that not only helps to have a great time and a shorter ride, but also improves your creativity. Choose a letter and take turns naming three words, connected with each other (noun, adjective and a verb), starting on the same letter. For example, if your letter is A, the phrase can be “astonishing alligator arrived”. The next level of the same game is to write a story, where all the words start with the same letter. Can you do that?

Blots and spots

If previous activities were connected with the words, this one will be connected with drawing, so you will need some materials for that: paper, paintbrush, watercolors, pencils. Use your paintbrush and watercolors to put random blots on the pieces of paper, wait until they get dry and then use your pencil to create a picture based on that blot. Spend some time looking at the blot and thinking what it reminds you of, and then continue the picture based on your associations. The results may amaze you! You may even open a hidden talent of yours and find a new hobby – blot-based drawing.


Creative shapes

This is another simple drawing activity used in many schools for the development of creativity. You will need only a piece of paper and a pencil for this one. Fill your paper with repeatable small shapes – for example, two small circles next to each other, a circle and a line, two squares, a square and a triangle. These can be any 2 shapes next to each other, repeated many times. Make sure to leave space between each pair, some space over and under them. After preparations are over – start creating! Turn each pair of shapes into a small picture, make sure they do not repeat each other and be as creative as you can!

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