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Death Penalty Essay Arguments

Death Penalty

Death penalty, or taking one’s life as a final execution for their crime, is one of the time checked, and the most ancient ways to implement the power’s controlling function. Quartering, breaking wheel, hanging, burning, shooting down: the outer view of this action changes depending on cultural belongings, period of time in history and even any special case. The point always remained the same. A person who broke certain social rates pays life for a mistake.

In modern world, views on the advisability of this measure often vary. In most part of states in Europe the sentence of death is illegal; the only exception is the Republic of Belarus. Though, in the “most democratic” United States of America, this condemnation is announced only in exceptional cases, as a final solution against those who performed the cruelest crimes, and is often replaced by a lifetime imprisonment. While in China, one can lose life for crimes like poaching, bribery, tax evasion or pimping.

As you see, there is no one and only position, even if to look at the level of governments in the world. The debates on the subject had begun being provided long ago. Nowadays, they continue arguing and the discussion is far from its end.

What arguments can be called as the dominating ones in both rival camps?

To make your thoughts on essay writing more structured, we divided arguments into two groups: for and against capital sentence.

“Contra” Arguments on Death Penalty:

  1. 1.Human rights breakage

    The UN Highest assembly calls the governments of all the states which haven’t canceled the death sentence yet to stop using this capital measure. According to the UN statute every human creature has the live rights. So, sentencing one to death means going against the very basic humanity principles.

  2. 2.Psychological torture

    Waiting for death means torturing the condemned person psychologically. This again doesn’t go along with the principles of humanism. Rivals use this point right after announcing the first one.

  3. 3.Uncorrectable error

    Once a condemned person gets killed, there is no way to correct a mistake which might occur. And the judgement system held by humans is not safe from a mistake or bias. This means no one can present absolute guarantee for the condemned to be the real criminal in any particular case. As a result, there is no way to take any criminal’s life even if they are judged for the most cruel and “heavy” crimes.

  4. 4.Function missing

    The judgement system is said to be the way to correct criminals. Once you kill the convicted, they won’t ever have a chance to change themself.

  5. 5.Preventive effect is disputed

    Death penalty supporters think the measure to be a restraining factor for possible criminals. Their rivals bring statistics to show the opposing thought: according to some sources, countries with or without death penalty being implemented, both have nearly equal quantity of the cruel crimes occurred. Do statistics lie?

  6. 6.Stress for executors

    Carrying the capital measure out requires the executive person to transform morally into a murderer. This causes uncontrollable psychological changes of executor’s personality. Killing a murderer by making another person one means ineffectiveness.

  7. 7.Political usage

    Throughout history, the final solution has often been used as an instrument for denying the political opposition. Death penalty rivals try to show how important is not to give such option into human hands. They find it impossible in modern reality. Though death penalty supporters have their own reasonable thoughts for this debate. The most meaningful of them are shown below to be used in your essay on death sentence.

“Pro” Arguments on Death Penalty

  1. 1.Restraining factor

    This one was already mentioned above yet worth doubling. Those who are for the capital sentence say, that realizing the danger of it, potential criminals will think a lot before performing a crime. This leads to a lower chance for the crime to ever happen.

  2. 2.Economical profits

    This might be cynical, but the capital sentence measure is cheaper than holding a criminal imprisoned for his lifetime. Living man needs a place to live and sleep, needs something to eat, needs energy to consume. Capital sentence is profitable as it costs only a price of a single bullet.

  3. 3.No future crimes

    Physical death of a criminal guarantees, that society will be safe from his new crimes in future. Even lifetime imprisonment can’t guarantee this, as the prisoner always has a chance to run out of his prison.

  4. 4.More humanism

    Death penalty measure supporters, say that capital sentence looks to be more of humanism than the lifetime imprisonment. They think keeping a human inside of four walls, making him live like a plant, is even more cruel than using a fast and painless death penalty implementation.

  5. 5.Necessary measure

    Disputing the arguments of their rivals which appeal to morality, those who are for death penalty think that the stage on which modern society stands in its development, humans are not ready to refuse the sentence yet due to the imperfection of the morality itself. They don’t totally refuse the possible cancelling this penalty sometime in future. But not nowadays.

  6. 6.Automatic process

    Arguing the argument of “killing the killer makes another man a killer”, supporters point at the modern technology level, which allows to automatize the capital sentence execution, solving the problem of moral torment for the executive person.

  7. 7.No politics

    Denying the argument of a subject to be the instrument of political repressions, how their opponents claim, death penalty supporters offer simply not to announce the capital executive measure in any cases on politics. They say, this doesn’t look that easy, but not unreal at the same time.

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