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Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas, Part 1

Ideas on Argumentative Essay

Yes, I know what you feel. When getting topics from college lecturer it is much easier to think and to write about something. Because you get the way where to move at once. But when your task is to write an essay about whatever you want – you get seriously confused, and suddenly feel that your head is empty.

Argumentative Essay vs Blank List

What to write about? Which topic is worth writing? Which text will be interesting to the reader?

Well, to say sincerely, argumentative essays can be written on anything that is being discussed. So, first of all, think about what you like, and transform it into your main essay question.

For instance, George likes music. Here is the topic for his argumentative essay: “Should musicians use phonogram records during their live scenes?” Ah, okay, he is a metal music fan. Let’s try again: “Should children under 16 be allowed to visit metal music concerts?”, “Is metal music close to classical music genres?”.

Dane is a gamer. Why not to write something about video games. Like “Does video game violence influence modern society?”, or “Should any particular video game be recognized as a work of art?”

You got it, didn’t you? One can just think about what he likes and knows, and then turn it into a question for a public discussion. Will it be interesting to read about? Of course, it will.

If you still don’t have any ideas about your essay topic, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!

Here below you can find some advices on what to write about. Topics shown in this article are quite new to come, and many people provide discussions on them nowadays. So, your argumentative essay will exactly be actual.

AI Development: Should Human Teach Robots How to Shoot?

Some time ago programmers created a self-teaching algorithm. Thirty to fifty years back this was a science fiction, now it is our reality. One of the first applications launched on this algorithm was a simulation, in which two similar programs had to hit each other with a virtual bullet, avoiding being hit in return. AI learned the rules quickly totally by itself. It started moving faster, shooting bullets more often and aiming directly on the opponent.

Do you think everything is ok here? Is teaching the artificial intelligence algorithms how to shoot each other safe? Or should humanity refuse the AI development and go completely another way?

Maybe, you’ve got some new ideas how to solve this trouble? Then, show them.

Rules of War: Is There a Place for Laws in The Line of Fire?

Essay Writing Ideas for War

Serious and controversial topic. Problems connected with war start lots of moral and philosophical discussions, sometimes leading to opposite conclusions at a time. Modern warfare and its shape is the field of serious social debates, international congresses and UN regulatory declarations.

But is there a place for rules when one human creature is allowed to kill others? Who can be the judge to bring justice to the battlefield? Does trying to call wars “honest” make any sense?

Got any thoughts? Choose your side and enter the discussion.

Modern Media: Reliable Information Source or Propaganda Instrument?

This debate started long ago, yet nowadays it is even more actual. With the development of massive communication technologies, especially the Internet, it becomes easier and easier to get the data one needs at any moment of time.

Yet who can guarantee that the info you find there is worth your trust? Is every governmental or private organization keeping their own TV-channel or news website interested in bringing the truth to their audience? Or these channels become the propaganda instruments, serving the interests of their owners? 

Once you find you’ve got something to say – go and write your essay!

Human Cloning: Step Forward or Falling Back?

Scientists develop cloning technologies extremely fast, and it is a matter of time when they’ll be able to clone a human organism. This topic already started lots of social and moral debates, and it is far from the end.

What rights can have possible cloned humans after they become a part of a regular life? Are they to be equal to normally born humans? Which ethical problems can you see in cloning and how to solve them? What about the initiatives in cloning future soldiers? Or hypothetical ability to grow an organism from its DNA fragment? A dinosaur, for instance.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Cyberpunk: Neural Implants and Human Being

Nowadays medics can replace human hands and legs with cybernetical prostheses which even can give feelings! This is made through neural implants in human brain. With the help of the latest technologies wounded children, men and women get the opportunity to live their normal lives again.  

Is the future by this technological progress? Or such cybernetical researches and experiments are crimes against human nature? What are your predictions according to their development?

Think and write an interesting essay.

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