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Pros and Cons for Essay on Human Cloning

Human Cloning Essay Writing

Ideas on essay writing about cloning humans are sometimes hard to gain. We gathered some pros and cons on it to help you find the way to create your text. This is a quite new-to-come social and scientific topic, and it becomes only more actual across the time.

So, let’s start from a positive. How cloning might be useful for us?

Pros of Cloning:

Nobody Can Stop Progress

Anything new is an undisputed step forward for science. Progress shows that human mind and its possibilities become wider, stronger and more wonderful every day. Gaining the ability to grow a new human organism artificially is a serious demonstration of scientific development for humanity.

Biological Machines Which Can Serve Humans Well

Some people see lots of practical benefits in cloning. They don’t look at the clones as “normal” humans, and find it OK to use these artificially grown organisms in many different ways. Medical experiments; working in extreme conditions; training a perfect specialist; getting the cheapest labor force possible. These and many other possibilities give huge perspectives for the world’s future.

Perfect Soldiers and Policemen

Growing and training every clone for any special task makes ideal fighters and law servants to appear. People often agree that teaching future clones in a special way is like programming a computer. If everything is done right, one can get a perfect policeman or soldier who will live only for the task that is given. No fears, no unnecessary emotions. Ideally trained bodies and solid ideology. Can anyone be better for the police or the army?

Growing a Specialized Human

If science gets the ability to grow an organism from its DNA fragment, then it will become a step towards making artificial combinations of genes. And this will mean growing a specially created organism, which can perform a task it is created for perfectly. Not only separate training, but DESIGNING the artificial human able to do his job ideally.

Though cloning humans may seem to be a serious step into the world of tomorrow, there are many people who stand unhesitatingly against continuing the researches in this field. What do their arguments look like?

Cons for Cloning:

Moral, Ethical and Religious Barriers

Is it right to estimate a clone as a “non-human” creature? Is it not bad to artificially create a new organism, in a way which is another than natural? Someone might even call cloning as a crime against humanity, religion and God.


Economists might say that creating an artificial human to make him perform any job is too costly. They think it is easier to spent significantly less money on teaching the normally born human to work as it is needed. In other words – even if not to pay a clone for his work during its lifetime, growing every single person is way too expensive compared with regular labor force cost.


One of the dominating arguments against the subject. It is reasonable to think that a clone remains an emotional creature. Even if you don’t call it “a human”, and even if you train it as a machine, its emotions might go on top someday. And then the consequences will be unpredictable.

Social Degradation

One more word against human cloning is next. Numerous contradictions between cloning supporters and opponents will finally lead the human society to a new ideological divide, which will be the reason of new undecidable conflicts in it. And such rivals are going to become the cause of the total social degradation for all mankind.

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