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Usual Back-to-School Challenges the First Week of a New Semester Can Bring

Back on Campus

No matter if you are enjoying your summer days at the beach or working at your dream internship at the moment, these fantastic warm days are about to come to an end. Surely, there is nothing bad in being back to college as it has its positive moments, but it's always hard to switch yourself to 'studying mode' again, after weeks of relaxing and doing nothing. To make the adaptation process easier for you, we have reviewed some common challenges almost all the students face during the first days of being back on campus; you might find it useful for you!

Week of Freedom

The first week is actually usually the easiest week of the whole semester. Look at it from the different angle: no homework, possibilities of getting out from classes earlier, a lot of new faces to tell your crazy summer stories to, fantastic back-on-campus parties - all these are only minor bonuses syllabus week can bring! It's the perfect time for staying up till 3.00 am and catching up on recent summer gossip and news with your roommates and have no regrets about it later.

Stuff Unpacking

Even if you think your suitcases are not as huge as they were last year, you will still regret buying more than half of the things that somehow ended up in your dorm room. Unpacking and storing everything can take a lot of time and efforts, but, unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to avoid these activities. A good tip for you is to try to plan everything ahead, check with your roommates to see what day they are planning to move in and offer to help each other. The more hands you have, the faster the process will be!


While it was nice to spend some proper time with your family, you are more than ready to have your freedom back. The time of ordeals from your parents is over and everything is in your hands now. Yes, after a long summer of various taboos from your mom, you are finally free to eat whatever you want and take on all the parties or outings campus life can offer you.

Poor Time Management Skills

Usually, a great power (like independence mentioned above) comes together with a great responsibility. After the whole summer of not caring about your time management skills, it may be hard to improve the said skills during only one week. As during the syllabus week, it may seem like a great idea to spend every evening out with your friends instead of starting on the list of readings you received for your English class. So it's better if you begin to improve your time management abilities from the summer; you will surely thank yourself for this later.

College Friends Reunion

College Friends Reunion

Even if you were in touch with your college buddies through the whole summer, nothing is actually better than being back together on campus again. The first week is all about meeting all the people you were dying to see during the vacation so stay prepared!

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