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How to Achieve a Habit of Getting Concentrated on Studying?

Are you a person who can be easily distracted? Do you have a hard time making yourself concentrated on the studying? Of course, all the people sometimes feel bored and distracted, and these feelings are very annoying when you are trying to study. Here are some tactics of how to achieve a useful habit to focus your attention on the correct things:

distracted person

Find a spot

Choose the place in your apartment where the only thing you could is studying. It can be a useful trick as our brains associate activities we do with the places. That’s why studying in bed is not a good idea. Our mind will automatically think “sleep” when we get there. Same works with the kitchen table, as sitting there usually means having a meal. Create your ideal “studying spot” and use it while preparing for your exams. It will help you to be more concentrated.

Do not disturb

Yes, simple as it is. You will never get focused until you eliminate all the possible disturbances. Create comfortable conditions for your learning process and your brains will have no other obstacles to focus on.

Set a timeframe

Another useful solution is to set a specific timeframe for your studying and always stick to it. Choose just 1-2 hours a day and study strictly in the time specified. Sometime later it will work as an instinct, your mind will automatically get concentrated on the subject needed during this time. But try to never break the “chain” and do this every day, so it could become a habit.

Get rewarded

Yes, it really works! Just set a rule to reward yourself when you have accomplished the needed assignment. It could be a cup of favorite coffee or just a candy, or an episode of the favorite series! Try it, it will surely help your mind to be more concentrated, as you know you will get a bonus after everything is done.

Take a break

When you feel tired, you get distracted very easily. So, don’t torment yourself. When you see your mind starts to wander somewhere else, take a break. Just lay down and relax for 5-10 minutes or go and eat some fruit. This way your brains will pay more attention to the information you have to learn.

No multitasking

Doing a couple of things at the same time and loud noises make attentiveness much more difficult. So never try to study while watching TV or listening to music, this may lead to achieving a habit of non-attention that is really hard to break.

The time for worries

A situation when you try to focus on the material you have to learn, but your brains automatically start to wonder about all the worries and insecurities you have. Sounds familiar? A fantastic solution is to set your "worry and think" time: for instance, every day from 4.30 till 5.00 p.m. So, when your attention starts to switch into worrying during the day, remind yourself that you have a special time for that and get back to your routine.

Try your imagination

It's an exercise you can try before you begin to study. Remember a situation when you have no problem to concentrate. Done? Now visualize yourself in these circumstances and try to mentally place yourself there. Do this each time before the studying process and shortly you will have no difficulty to get concentrated on the right things.

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