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8 Principles for Newbie Orators

Student Speech

At this moment, there exist many books about the mastery of orators, rhetorical tips, public speeches etc. There is such a lot of literature that one can find it very easy to get lost. But what if you need to hold a speech tomorrow? How can you prepare your speech fast? How to increase your chances for a successful public performance? Here below you can find principles that can be called universal for all kinds of speeches. It you keep up to them, you can make your public performance successful.

How to Deal With Your Disadvantages

Dealing With Disadvantages

We often think about the need to change this or that feature of a personality, because of not liking it. Moreover, this feature of character can even spoil one’s life. There are hundreds of tips on doing that, but we offer considering thoughts of Joel Falconer as the best way towards dealing with your own lacks.

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