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Stereotypes About Student’s Life, or Why Reality Upsets

Student Myths

Many future students feel the university recruiting campaign time to be stressful. But pleasant emotions and dreams have their place in their heads, too. Oh, that sweet feeling of a new life page being about to turn… You plan to live as those TV-students: loud and crazy parties, modern professors, exciting lectures!

…and here the cruel reality comes to the scene. That one where flowers fade away, cats die and myths get busted. Let’s mention four stereotypes about student’s life which are the most famous and cruel.

Stereotype 1: Hot Professors

Your imagination is easy to draw you a picture of a young professor who is “on the same way” with students and knows “Facebook” and “WhatsApp” not to be sorts of cheese. But attractive young people who are agile enough with both whips and lecture papers can exist only in those movies nominated for “Oscar”.

Of course, exceptions happen (just like miracles). One tip though: be ready for the case, when your Indiana Jones will be a usual John Smith, a 50-years-old philosophy teacher who believes in conspiracy theories and makes you write notes and coursework by hand.

Stereotype 2: Friendly Friends

“My group is going to become the most friendly one! – you say – We shall go to picnics and cinemas together, and help each other when tough times come!”.

“Ha-ha! – life laughs instead of an answer, - Try to gather them all together, and see two and a half persons coming to the meeting. Repeat two-three times. Cry!”.

If you didn’t make it with a class at school, you won’t make it with a university group. It is difficult to make people who spend time together (only because history turned out that way) be friendly.

Stereotype 3: Business and Success

They all know The One. They all dream to become The One. They write books and create business-communities on Facebook about The One.

The One is the student who can successfully combine studying and job. You get excellent grades in the morning, and get those freaking tons of dollars in the evening. Sounds like a simple and easy plan.

Well, let them be pounds, not tons. But the university representatives are not usually glad about such ideas, and there is a rule inside the dean’s office walls: “What? A job? What’s that job? You entered a full-time learning program, so be happy with that!”

Stereotype 4: Alcohol and Parties

Student party?... “You don’t say a word! – you cry – Movies gave me all the info I need to have about that: red cups, big punch bowl, a funny guy with a beer-hat… LET’S HAVE FUN!”.

What is the answer? “Well, the dorm commandant likes to make sudden room checks, so we can gather in Alex’s room, take “Twister” and “DnD”, and play. But keep quiet!”

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