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Writer’s Block: You Can Block It Back!

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If there is anyone who has never faced writer’s block, then this person must fall under these two categories: people who barely ever use pen and keyboard or aliens. If they did exist, they would be worth a monument.

No matter if you just write for yourself, are a freelancer or need inspiration to complete the assignment, you found yourself staring at the blank paper and words do not flow. Not a single one. You feel like you miss an arm or half of your body is paralysed probably. Not the best feeling. So, what are the ways to forget it for as long as possible?


Unlike Stephen King, who advised to set a goal for a few pages per day and stick to it, famous “unblockers” like Julia Cameron and Jerrold Mundis recommend to not limit yourself with this task. They believe that feeling of obligation can become stronger than feeling of inspiration. You do not want to turn writing into obligation instead of pleasure, do you? Instead, they recommend to spend your time over freewriting, which means exactly how it sounds. Just take a piece of paper and start writing, not caring about spelling, grammar or sense. After this just throw this paper away. For the first few times it might seem useless, but after a week or two you will notice that you are thinking clearly and freely.

Stop on the Most Interesting Place

If you are a fiction writer and have a problem with getting back to writing after finishing a scene, just... don’t finish it! This is the method of Hemingway and Murakami, to stop on the most interesting part so you feel interested and inspired to get back to work. They use it as the anti-block method, so there is no need to fight the block when it approaches. It just does not.

Stop Concentrating on It

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Sometimes the problem lies in thinking about the block itself. Maybe you simply need to relax? Think of what you like doing, what makes you laugh happily. Do something unrelated with writing and get back to the table when you feel like it.

Switch to Other Activities

Try to keep yourself busy with work or studies. In case you need writing for work or studies and it is inevitable try at, switch to other connected things, but not writing. Do everything you have to do except for creative or essay writing. If writing is inevitable, complete research papers or summaries, they do not need much inspiration.

Do Not Ask for Opinion

One of most common mistakes people make while trying to fight the writer’s block is showing a piece of fresh writing to somebody. You know you felt like you were squeezing the words out of you and you do not like the text yourself. You know it needs editing and elaboration. Instead of working on it to make it decent you go and show it to somebody else and get criticized or even laughed upon. The result is the same: you feel like you should never put two words together again. Wait until you like your work and ask for opinion once you do, so the reaction is positive and it inspires you for more.

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