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Things Every Student Should Do while Still in College

a group of students

Take a picture of those who brought difference into your college life

When you think back on your student years, who mattered most? A particular professor? Some close friends? Maybe a mentor? Make sure you take pictures of those people as you will surely remember them for your whole life, and it would be great to have a look at these photos in a 5-10 years and recall all the good things the people done for you.

A campus tour

Visit all the parts of the campus you have never been before. You will look at student’s life in your college from the different angle and will see the side of it that you haven't seen before. It will be a funny experience considering your soon graduation.

Sports games

Even if you are not a fan, it’s time to try something new. So organize a ‘sports week’. Grab a couple of your friends and visit all the possible sport events on your campus during a week. Who knows, maybe you will become a softball fan. Besides, it will be a good way to relax and get some new college memories.

Shoot it out

Scary? Believe me, it will be the best way to free yourself from all the ‘what if’s. There is a big chance you will never see a person after the graduation, so what is there to lose? Right now is the perfect time to spill the beans. Think that it could be a life-changing decision!

School paper

Even if you don’t think of yourself as a good writer and have never published any your writings before, do it now. It’s your graduation soon; of course, you have some good advice to share with younger students. They will appreciate it and you will feel more self-confident.

Campus tradition

Every campus has its own interesting student traditions, like being thrown in a fountain on one’s birthday or midnight excursions, etc. Make sure to participate in at least few of them. No doubt, it will be very funny and memorable experience for you.

student's club

Join a club

Find a student’s club you have never heard about and join it. Even if you hate political discussions and it’s a political group; the best way to learn something new is to jump in head first. You’ll never know, maybe you’ll turn out to be a political guru.

Participate in students’ elections

Okay, sure, you have never done or thought about it before. But now you are a senior student, you should be an example for the younger generation. So show them some respect by giving your vote for student leaders.

No regrets

Try to recall your student years and remember some things your regret doing. If you can’t recall any, your college life can officially be considered as boring. Doing things you might regret means you can push yourself out of the comfort zone and take risks. So try to do something new and challenging. Even if you do regret it later, it will still be worth it in the end.

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