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Video Games: Essay Recommendations


Whether you are a video games fan or not, all of us might sometimes need to touch this topic while writing a college or university essay. Computer games are one of the greatest parts of today’s multimedia entertainments along with films, music and TV shows. Gaming industry has its numerous fans all over the globe, games unite people from Germany and Brazil, from USA and China, from Russia and India, etc. Companies get huge incomes in this business.

When writing an essay on video games, you can compose your text in many different ways, depending on what aspect of this topic you’ll put on top of your thoughts. The article below shows you possible central points for your video games essay.

History Essay on Video Games

The history of video games begins in 1940’s, and gets its serious kick start in the early 1950’s when Ralph Baer brought to life his early concept of “interactive television”. During the next 50 years, video game industry met lots of changes and evolved to a shape we have today.

Describing the development from the first text games for “room-computers” to VR-helmets of today’s PCs you will have lots of interesting facts to mention in your expository video games essay.

Video Games and Society

The popularity video games have nowadays brought lots of discussions on the topic for the society.

Yes, you know what I’m talking about: video game violence. That is the first and the most popular topic being discussed all over the world. With the introduction of videogame age rating systems in different countries, the question of violence and adult content in modern video games seemed to be solved. Yet some time later these systems were claimed by in-game violence and sexual scenes rivals as ineffective. So, the hot discussion continues even nowadays.

What is your opinion onto video games and their place in society? Do you think videogames to be the reason of a violent and anti-social behavior of a particular human? This is quite a controversial topic which can become a good base for an argumentative essay on video games.

Genre Description and Explanation

This is a subtopic for gamers. If you’ve got your favorite video game genre, you can concentrate on it while writing your text. If you can call yourself a fan of a shooter genre, an RPG genre, any strategic and quest games: sit and tell about that. You can describe a special gameplay of your favorite video game, explaining why exactly you like and enjoy playing it.

Such text is guaranteed to be original in case if you try to go deeper into your mind, and find real reasons for your video game passion. That’s interesting.

Game as an Art Work

According to some new-to-come descriptions modern video games can be positioned as works of art. Do you agree with the statement that a good game can be compared to the best film? Or even be called better?

Can’t you call a game as a work of art? Maybe, you think video games are not worth of that title because they are nothing than the way for desperate gamers to run away from reality? Then your position is a perfect base for a persuasive opinion essay. Write the reasons you think that way, and not the other.

Personal Computers vs Consoles

Famous gaming “holy war” topic. What is the best hardware for playing games: PC for gaming, or specially designed console like “Microsoft Xbox” or “Sony PlayStation”? You may try to write an argumentative or opinion essay on this video games subtopic, making it interesting and worth reading even to non-gamers.

What differences are between PC and consoles? Which gamer’s “camp” is more interesting to you personally?

You can choose between some independent analytics, or describe why you like PlayStation gaming most of all, for example.


Nowadays, a video game is not only the way to entertain. There are professional gamers, workers who earn money for playing their favorite games. Different tournaments take place. The greatest cybersports disciplines as “Counter Strike: Global Offensive”, “DotA 2” and “Starcraft” are extremely popular all over the world, and the best teams of international players annually take part in world gaming championships with huge prize funds.

In South Korea, there is even a faculty of cybersports at some universities. Gaming became a higher education discipline!

Do you think this all makes sense? What is your opinion about cybersports? What arguments can you find to substantiate your viewpoint?

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