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Do Violent Video Games Cause Behavior Problems as a Topic for Your Essay

Kids Facing the Screen

There is a tendency for more and more individuals to choose video games as a way to spend their evening (or a day. Or three months in a row). After all, more and more parents and teachers find themselves thinking if it is good for the teenagers and the youth to dive into the virtual life with all the threats hidden within, as most of the stories involve violent activities like boxing, beating up and even killing.

"Do violent games influence people so they are more aggressive?" is a question your teacher asked you to write an essay about, and here are a few hints to help you through.

Are You For or Against?

First and foremost, you have to decide on what you think about the problem and why. Are you a gamer who simply has not noticed any negative effects? What about the facts? Look up for the evidence, as a few accidents took place, being a result of games influence.

Do you think there must be some kind of a predisposition to commit violent actions and it would develop anyway? Or do you think that a person enjoying playing violent video games is a warning to the society already? No matter how raw your ideas may seem, they are precious just because of being your own thoughts and you should use them while working on the paper.

Make a Survey

Creating and sharing a survey online is a simple thing to do, and it can serve you two goods at the same time. First of all, in case you are not sure about your opinion, other people's thoughts can be of a great help to know what to write about. Secondly, it is additional work, and it may show that you are treating your assignment seriously.

Additional Tip:

Make sure you have asked a lot of various questions, so the final results appear to be a good basis for the paper.

Internet-Based Survey

Outline the Text

After you have done the research and are sure of your point, it is time to plan on how to make the paper flow logically and smoothly. You may use the questions for the survey as a plan. Mention what is supposed to be the strongest evidence from the very beginning.

You are free to tell the story you know from your own experience, as well as you can share the feelings you have while playing the games. Also, remember to use proper language and constructions. Even a simple statement like "I do not want my kid to kill pixel creatures" may sound convincing if put in with a smart language.

Read it Again

Reread the freshly written essay in a few hours to find out if it seems convincing for you and whether you have to work some more on it. If no more polishing is needed, congratulations: you have a great "Do violent games cause behavior problems" opinion essay!

A Great Example of an Essay on the Impact of Violence in Games on Violence in Life

Paper Example

Nowadays we are all acknowledged with the debates around an issue on the impact of video games on the children’s behavior. The start of them can be dated back to the early 1976 when the first video game claimed as “containing violent scenes” has been released.

Already in 1993 after the release of Mortal Kombat and Night Trap Dan Lungren, an Attorney General in the city of California, stated that violent video games teach young and very impressive kids to desensitize the value of violence.

Alone in the U.S. some shockingly abusive youth crimes take place in high schools, what to say about the future of those kids in adult life. However, as some scientists claim that the rate of aggression does not straightforwardly influence the rate of child’s violent actions in life, we have decided to indulge into this issue and research it more precisely.

Quite a surprising finding but violent video games also have they advantages and disadvantages in life of children as a prevailing part of gamers which are to state here for your essay.


  • People who play video games, may involuntarily increase the level of their aggressive behavior that causes fighting, mocking and bullying at school;
  • Observing violence on screen of computer may increase the cases of real aggressive behavior. It is agreed that proved that most perpetrators involved in massive shootings have been playing different kinds of video games;
  • People who are playing violent video games become less emphatic to real-life cases of violence;
  • Such children who have been playing video games for a long time, experience difficulties in distinguishing a real life and video crimes;
  • Amazing fact. Video games containing violence are being used in the US military to prepare their soldier for how to kill people. If the soldiers can learn how to kill other people, do you think kids cannot do the same?


  • The increase of violent video games sales does not have connection to the crime rates as they have decreased. “The aggravated aggression in the US streets has nothing to do with the popularity of violent video games” – claim game developers. Even more, the rates of juvenile crimes have not increased much and even fell down since the 90s;
  • Players are said to release their aggression through playing video games and not gain it which in its turn causes less violence in their behavior;
  • Gamers can distinguish the real world and the life of games and act according to the appropriate behavior. It is even stated that playing video games can increase moral sensitivity towards other people;
  • Among the massive part of people who play video games only a small percentage commit crimes in real life. It is not caused by the impact of games but is their nature and other influences like social background, school or family conflicts;
  • With the help of violent video games children are able to discover the consequences of committing a crime and in that way, are prevented from making silly actions;
  • The video games are based on their nature of competitiveness which does not cover the violence state.

So, what can we do to prevent popularization of such content among young generation? Parents also should be savvier in their choices when buying new classy action video games on demand of their children just because “my friend has it and I want it too”.

The sales of video games are predicted to bring an income of $102.9 billion in the year of 2017. And the games of 2017 are even more realistic than the previous ones so it may be even harder for children to see a difference between violence cases real life that are strictly prohibited and fantastic world of freedom where them may beat and murder everyone they want without any consequences.

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