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Train Yourself: Stop Hating Your Studying

Disappointed Young Person

Remember how you ensure yourself that when your next studying day comes, you really won’t eat, surf in the Facebook or Twitter, dream about your cloudless future, talk with a neighbor (and with his neighbors too) and you really won’t fall asleep. You promise it every day, but what, what happens to you when you’re sitting on the lecture and dying? We’re sure that you do your best while trying to start respecting your studying with all its exciting and boring things… How to change your attitude and get a pleasure from your studying? Let’s find out.

Reasons to Overview

One difficult thing which you have to do is to realize the true reasons why you feel bored during your lessons, why it is more interesting to you to draw the ingenious pictures on the desk instead of listening to a lecturer and taking part in the discussion? You know, it is quite needed because the reasons can be absolutely different. Maybe, some of your disciplines are undoubtedly boring and it is almost unbearable to listen to your teachers, but your indifference regarding this discipline and reluctance to diversify your knowledge may be explained by some other reasons. For example, you can’t find the appliance of your new knowledge and skills. It can be reasonable because a lot of disciplines are presented at the university classes as theoretical, which don’t have the practical side. Actually, it is wrong. So, if a teacher proposes you to learn a lot of theoretical information, pay attention to some knowledge in this field which you’ll be able to profitably use in your career or at least in your everyday life. Sometimes some disciplines may seem to us tedious when we don’t plunge into this sphere and when you’re not well-competent in what you’re studying. Or, maybe, you are lazy? It is truly important to feel «the atmosphere» of new knowledge and to learn to find the practical side of the discipline.

Develop All Your Means of Perception

Of course, it is tedious to study just with the use of books, books and… books! Books are cool and important to use, but they can’t substitute a lot of exciting devices, programs and additions to them which you can use while studying. It will be really enchanting when you engage all the means of perception into the process of studying «new world»! You know them, they are your eyes, ears, fingers and sometimes even your mouth! Using audio materials, videos, you get the opportunity to enrich the methods of studying and break the borders of the traditional academic approaches. Isn’t it fantastic when you conduct some experiments, use photos, pictures or when you draw by yourself and make something new in the process of gaining the new knowledge and skills? Keep up and try something new!

Person with Devices

Engage the Teacher into Your Common Studying

Don’t think that all of your teachers are ancient and can’t create or apply some new methods in teaching. Frankly speaking, a lot of adults or even old teachers are opened to students’ initiatives and proposals. Why not to use this? Feel free to propose your teacher to conduct some discussions, to create some performances or games, to «move» your usual meeting to some unusual another place? You can also propose to invite some successful people to your lessons, to organize a conference, to watch some videos, use some visual slides for the richer and more comprehensive process of acquainting with new knowledge, and with new world for you!

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