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Think the Way a Genius Does

If you want to make yourself a genius, forget that not everything is possible and train yourself.


A Sound Mind in a Sound Body

You do not have to overeat, and you have to do some exercises every day. These things will help your body to be more efficient. If your body works better, your brain will be more active too.

You Should Consider Your Emotional State

Certainly, this concerns women first and foremost, because their mood changes more often. Your brain performs a lot of operations in every moment, so you cannot concentrate on all of them. Your emotions are generated according to the conclusions of your brain. In such a way, your brain is trying to tell you something, but you cannot follow it. If you feel that you are influenced by emotions, you should switch to another, easier task. When you calm down, you can go back to solving the difficult task.

Emotional State

You Should Do Every Usual Action Mechanically

It will be useful to learn to do something professionally. Later on, you will be able to do operations you have learned automatically. This will save your time and make your mind free from thinking about every single usual action.

Consider the Alternatives

This method is often used by poker players. If they guess that the partner is bluffing, their brain becomes more active and they think about all the possible variants on how to proceed with the game. If you try to do this you will become more attentive and reach the desired results.

Remember About Relaxing

It is interesting to know that a lot of solutions can come to your mind during walking or when you take a bath. The best alternatives come to mind when the right hemisphere of your brain is active and this happens when you are not stressed. So, relaxing will help you think more efficiently.


You Should Not Trust Your Memories

Scientists proved that human’s memory can easily be deceitful. Every time you try to remember something, your brain creates new details about that thing. The more you think about some events, the more unbelievable they seem to you. So, you should try to stay objective.

A Super Body Shape or a Super Thinking

You cannot have both because your brain needs a lot of energy which you can get from food. According to scientific research, the brain areas which are responsible for thinking and will need a lot of energy. A simple experiment proved this. When a person was asked to remember seven numbers, after that this person has chosen the chocolate cake. When the scientists asked a person to remember just one number, this individual has chosen just a salad to eat. So, you should save your sources.

Work on Mistakes

All of the successful people always focus on their mistakes. Even if they do everything good, they are certain that they can do better. Even though it does not lead to the feeling of being content, this is the way of learning. In such a way, your brain cells try to find better solutions.

These rules sound to be pretty simple, but try to apply them and you may see the opposite. Good luck!

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