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Useful Students’ Hacks All the Freshmen Should Know About

Freshman on Campus

Starting college is a very intimidating experience for every individual: new classes, new people, new roommates, the new place to live, etc., this list can be endless. Surely, your head must be spinning when you think about how to go through everything.

Almost all the schools have a special orientation program where freshmen can learn the basics about the college life. While it can be fun and useful, but there are some certain things you will only get to know when you actually dive into your college life. Here is a list of possible student hacks you won’t be able to learn at the orientation but still these hacks will make the adaptation process much easier.


When you ask older students what they regret not having done during their freshman year, a lot of them will answer they wish they’d explored the campus and off campus territory. So do some research, find the interesting places nearby and go exploring! Surely, it’s important to get to know how to get from your classes to the dining hall and then back to your dorm, but college is not only about making the campus a home, college is all about getting new experiences and learning how to step out of your comfort zone! There are a lot of fantastic things and places around; don’t waste your time sitting in your dorm room, you might regret it later.

Go Out Occasionally

No, that doesn’t mean you should blow off all your classes and go to every party you’ll find, but every now and then it’s okay to go out and have some fun. Not all school parties are the same, and when something interesting catches your attention, get all the home tasks done beforehand and go! No doubt, your schoolwork should always come first, but, being a young individual, it’s totally okay to relax and have some fun every once in a while. You live only once, after all.

Do Your Laundry at Night

So to make sure your room is not filled with piles of dirty clothes you’ll have to do your laundry at least once a week. The late evening can be the best time for visiting the laundry room as it’s usually empty at this time and you can do multiple loads at the same time. So if you know you’ll have to stay up late and study on Thursday, why not to multitask? It may help you to save some precious time. Try not to postpone doing your laundry until the end of the week as surely the laundry room will be packed and you’ll have to spend the whole day off waiting till your things get washed.

Get to Know Your Professors

You must have heard this tip a million times, but it actually is very helpful. That will not only help you do better in classes but might help you with building your future career as well. You will never know when you’ll need a help with an assignment or a recommendation letter for a fantastic internship program. So when your professor mentions his or her working hours better make a note and arrange a visit, you will surely thank yourself for doing that later!

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