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How Environment Affects Your Studying Process

Studying Young Person

Everyone has a place he or she prefers to study at. Sometimes we don’t have a choice where to go with a pile of books and a laptop, but if we do, what environment may have a better influence on the process of studying? Certainly, it depends on your personal “tastes” and psychological features, but let’s try to figure out the pros and cons of your usual environment.

Home Sweet Home

The worst thing about studying at home is that there are a lot of things around you that can distract: TV, personal computer, chatting with your siblings or parents, even a bookshelf with a few interesting books, which are not related to the topic. Sometimes you are ready to do everything (including cleaning or even mowing the lawn), but doing homework. If you find it difficult to concentrate on studying process, than you’d better close the door and sit alone in your room, so no one and nothing can bother you, so that is the advantage of learning at home.


In case you are a student, who lives in a dormitory, you know that it may be funny to live among your friends and dive into the true atmosphere of student life. But sometimes it’s hard to focus on writing your course paper, while somebody’s just hanging around, somebody’s always knocking on your door and asking for something. If you manage to stay concentrated among this “carnival”, you are a lucky one! Living in a dorm allows you to collaborate with your friends of group mates, tackle difficult tasks together, ask for advice or, on the contrary, help other people to cope with their homework.

Coffee Shop

Wonderful smell of coffee and freshly baked pastry… What can be more distractive? Lots of people constantly moving, eating and talking, and you are reading the next chapter here, trying to understand what the book is about. On the other hand, there is no computer (if you haven’t brought your laptop with you) or TV, people are busy with their own stuff, and they won’t disturb you. And, of course, here you can always buy a cup of coffee to stay awake.

person at library


This place was created for studying. Here you can find almost every book you may find necessary; the silence here helps you to focus on your homework, everyone is busy with studying, so they are unlikely to disturb you. The problem is, that most libraries close in the evening, so, anyway, you have to look for any other appropriate place.

Sure, everything depends on you. If you are easily distracted, you feel like studying in a silent place, but if you don’t pay much attention to the noise and can focus on the task, you can study almost everywhere.

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