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Facts About Russia Part 1

Russian Flag

If you want to find out the most curious facts about Russia, then welcome. Here you are going to know, how mysterious unusual and unique Russia really is. Russia interests more and more people nowadays, and we are going to tell you some cool things about this wonderful and special country.

Russia: Curious Facts

Many people know that it is Russia that is the biggest country on the planet. The overall territory of Russian Federation is 17 125 191 km², and is nearly equal to Pluto’s surface.

Russia Territory

Kluchevskaya Sopka is the largest active volcano in Eurasia, it is more than 7000 years old. The height of this volcano is nearly 5 km.

Saint-Petersburg metro is the deepest one on the planet, as 50 of 67 of its stations are more than 30 meters underground. This city is also called the Northern Venice, as there are 342 bridges in this mega polis. Though if to count all the rivers and canals in Petersburg district, one can sum up nearly 800 bridges.

In Russia, there is the world’s longest railroad. Trans-Siberian railway (“Transsib”) is 9298 km long. They started building it in 1891 and finished in 1916. This road provides connection between Vladivostok which is on the Far East of the state and the capital city of Moscow, and goes through 87 cities.

Baikal, the unique lake in Siberia, is the world’s biggest source of pure water, and the deepest lake on Earth (1642 meters). There are 19% of all the world stores of pure water (23 615,39 km³) concentrated in Baikal. There is more water than in all 5 North America’s Great Lakes.

Russia is the unique country which is being washed by 12 seas. One of those seas (The White Sea) is internal.

What do you think what the distance between Russia and America is? Wrong! There are only 4 kilometers of water dividing the Russian territory (Ratmanov Island) and Krusenshtern’s Island (lands of America).

The northern city of Saint-Petersburg is rightfully being named as Russia’s cultural capital. But facts about this city are not that famous. In Petersburg, there are 2000 libraries, 221 museums, more than 80 theatres and 45 art-galleries.

Ural Mountains are thought to be the oldest on the Earth. They appeared nearly 410-360 million years ago.

Kremlin of Moscow

One can’t pass by the Kremlin, the capital fort of the past, and the official residence of Russian Federation’s President nowadays. Moscow Kremlin is the oldest (built in 1482-1495) and the largest fortress of Medieval age in the whole Europe. The length of its walls is 2500 meters in total, there are 4 gates and 20 towers which rise up 80 meters high.

This is not all! We’ve got more curious things for you to find out in future. Check more exciting facts about Russia, the Earth’s largest country, in our next article!

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