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How to Write a Persuasive Essay: Basic Instructions

Are you good at convincing? Well, even if you are, take into account, that convincing in oral and written form differs. Here we will give you a few general hints on how to write a persuasive essay effectively and which points to take into account.


What Makes Persuasive Essay Writing Specific?

Let`s overview the peculiarities of the persuasive writing.

       1. Different from Expository Essay Writing

Your main aim is not to explain, but convince. Surely, you will need to include some explanations to prove your point, but while doing this you should attach the opposite view. The explanations of the opposite opinion should be provided in a negative light.

       2. Different from Narrative Essay Writing

A story-telling cannot be put into the basis of your persuasive essay. Some short stories may be used as examples or illustrations for your arguments, but not more.

       3. Different from Descriptive Essay Writing

You should not concentrate your attention on giving descriptions as well. If there are some descriptions needed, you should make them brief and specific.

       4. Different from Argumentative Essay Writing

Although persuasive writing falls under the category of argumentative essay writing, it still has some peculiarities, enough for being defined as a specific subtype. The peculiarities mostly deal with the role of auditory and the type of content. These points are interconnected.


Points to Take into Account while Persuasive Writing

As it was already mentioned, the persuasive writing deals with taking into account of interests of the auditory. Also, the content should be written at its best to influence your particular reader.

           1. Mind Your Audience

You should think of the best ways to influence your audience. In comparison to argumentative writing, your instruments will include not only the logical techniques, but also the means of emotional influence. Therefore, you need to take into account the level of awareness of your audience, their age and try to use their weak points and interests for the aim of convincing.

            2. Modify the Content Appropriately

Obviously, your content should also be adjusted to be maximally impressive and convincing. Psychologists advise to change the type of information delivery. Basically, if you need to submit the persuasive paper in written form, you should better add some graphical elements, such as photos, tables or at least underline some text or put in italics. In case you need to deliver the persuasive speech, you have more possibilities. With the help of projector you may include videos as well as a lot of pictures and sound tracks to reach you aim more effectively.

           3. Mind Your Style

Trying to become less formal and closer to your reader/listener you should keep the limits. Remember about the conditions of your persuasive speech delivery or the basic academic requirements to your assignment. Be selective in word choice, in providing the arguments and illustrations for your thoughts. All those points should be relevant and in no way be ambiguous.


Help with Learning How to Write a Persuasive Essay

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