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Calming Nerves on Your First Job

Scared Newcomer

Starting a new job can make any person scared and insecure, especially when it’s your first job and the first real-life working experience. It’s a new place, new people, new rules you should obey; it’s the totally new chapter of your life! But how to ease this anxiety down so to do your job properly? Here are some directions that might help:


Of course, you may feel insecure about your skills and knowledge, and it’s totally normal, you are just like an intern after all. Remember that this company has chosen you, they have picked you up from all those other candidates and that should mean something. The hiring manager sees your potential and your desire to work, so show them your true self. Don’t be afraid to behave as a confident individual even if you know you will make some mistakes. Show that you are up for any challenge and always ready to learn something new. Set a positive attitude and focus on it during the first days, it will surely help you to bring your nervousness down.


A typical problem – what to wear for the first day at a new job. If you feel insecure about your clothes choice, better come slightly luxurious then. Believe it or not, until you catch the office atmosphere, you will make a better impression dressing a little too nice than a little too laid-back. It’s always better to dress up for the first day unless you were told you should wear a casual outfit. After all, you will be able to see your coworkers for the first time and make a note to yourself on what attire is acceptable. When you feel comfortable in your clothes, that surely makes you feel more confident and less anxious as a result.

Find a Mentor


Find someone, a close friend, relative, college professor, etc., who has been in his (or her) career for at least a couple of years already and reach out to this person. Why? The answer is easy, that individual surely was in your shoes and knows the precious tips on how to calm the nerves down at work and reach success. Even if he (or she) works in a completely different sphere, they will still be able to let you know some basic expectations your new boss is awaiting from you and some easy ways how to get rid of the feeling of fear and anxiety. Considering that this is your first job experience, speaking to somebody who has been in your state could be the comfort you need at the moment.

Challenge Your Fears

A good tip will be writing everything down. Yes, easy like it is. Take a piece of paper and write down every fear or anxiety you have. Then ask yourself how true that thought is and what could be the steps to get rid of it. Or write down some basic questions and answers about your first day, such as “How should I introduce myself to my coworkers?” for example, and come up with the ideal answers to these questions. Now you have the directions on how your first day should pass and following them may really help to ease your fears down.

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