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Writing a Book: How to Reach Finish, Part 2

Writing Plan

In other words, divide your job into stages, so there was a stairway in front of you, not the long and flat way to the top. It will be much easier to go up by stairs.

There is a definition in time-management: “elephant task”. Elephants are those tasks which you just don’t know how to start. They stand in front of you as the big and high as rock and make you sad. “I will not make it… I will not deal with it… I don’t know how… That’s too complicated”, - these are usual thoughts once you meet up with an “elephant task”.

And writing a book is a classic example of such unclear and big task. What do you need to deal with it? Right, cutting your elephant into pieces! In other words: you need to divide your big task into shot and clear steps, which will lead you through all the way to the finish if to follow the order.

The main thing is to mark and celebrate you getting to a higher stair. Then, the completed stage of a plan will be the powerful motivator and the source of additional energy for you to move on.

Seek and Use Additional Stimulus Which Help You to Create Proper Mood

Everyone has their own motivators. One writer can’t work in silence and needs music, other needs to keep a perfect order on their desktop to concentrate and to work effectively. The third one goes opposite: needs the creative chaos and gets ideas from it. The fourth does not sit at the desktop without wearing headphones with the sounds of sea waves or rainfall in them. Fifth author needs working chair of proper form and texture… there are numerous variants, you even can’t count them all!

If you still don’t know what could help personally you, then try different things. Soon, you’ll find your own, which will become your own switch from “everyday” mode to “creativity” mode.

Find All the Irritants and Exclude them from Your Environment

Irritated Author

Except the most obvious irritants (distracting noise at home or relatives talking nearby), there are factors which often stay out of people’s attention, or are noticed a bit later. Authors can even not understand what exactly is the cause of their discomfort and extreme tiredness.

Such “covered irritant” can be hidden in an uncomfortable chair, unfitting desktop height, too tight keyboard, a pen which stops writing at the very interesting moment, a lagging computer… Anything.

Find the thing that distracts you and try liquidating, remaking or neutralizing it. All in all, do everything to provide your writing process with comfort. Then your performance will grow up, too.

Build up Your Daily Schedule Around Your Writing Activity

Everything is simple here: the best hours of your day need to be devoted to the most important activities.

If you are a morning lark, then start your day form writing a book. If you are a night owl, start writing once your activity reaches its peak level.

There is an important thing to consider: your day shouldn’t be ONLY about writing. It is important to find time for communicating with friends and relatives, for going in for sports, for daily activities (everyone has a plenty of them). OF course, there needs to be a time for rest, too. The point of a proper balance is in the special planning during the day.

Time management for creative people: if to say shortly, the main thing is planning your time by blocks, and leaving periods for rest and unexpected issues between those blocks. This gives more of a freedom and depresses you less.

Seven tips mentioned above can help you keep motivation for your work (if you really use them). The point is in systematic efforts, and then you’ll obligatory finish your book. Will you need much time to complete it? This depends on many factors: the importance of book for you, your daily amount of work, your knowledge about what you want to write… and many other moments.

But what is surely known is that everyone can reach the finish line.

So, keep going and don’t lose your faith.

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