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Writing a Book: How to Reach Finish

Book Writer Thinking

While writing a long and a complexed romance, it can often be difficult to keep up with your working rhythm and schedule. Something unexpected happens, or there can be bad days when there is no inspiration and energy to move forward at least on a discipline. Such state of mind is something that every writer knows.

When the goal is far, and it is required to move towards it for many days, stalls appear sooner or later. The successful person is different from unsuccessful only by one thing: they got up more times than fell. What to do in order to finish your book? How not to turn around on a halfway and not to refuse your dream?

Here are seven tips which can help you be in a working shape while writing a long book. Or, if it fits you more, seven tips about how to finish books, not only to start them.

How to Write the Book to the Very End?

Sit and Write at the Same Time of the Day.

That is how you will call a habit for help.

This is like sports activities: at first you have to make yourself do exercises, but once the habit is got everything becomes much easier. When time comes, your hands are put on the keyboard on their own. No resistance, no unnecessary thoughts (“to write or not to write?”), no difficult decisions: if there is a plan for episodes and the understanding of what happens to characters and the plot next, you just sit and continue writing from the moment you have stopped yesterday.

But there is another thing, next point is about it.

Find Your Daily Volume and Do Not Overwork

Writer’s Schedule

When it comes to daily activity, it is important not to rush forward. Try to catch up the moment when you still have energy, and your inspiration level started to fall down but hadn’t reached zero point yet. This is the moment when you need to stop.

If to do so, you’ll always have energy for the next day of work on your writing.

Stop Not in the End of an Episode, but in Its Middle

Or leave 2-3 paragraphs to the end, so you could continue it next day and not to start from the blank page.

This is a purely psychological tip. The first line of a new chapter or scene is what lots of writers generate a bit more difficult than other content. It is hard to say why this happens. Maybe, the beginning of both the whole book and its part have a special meaning for authors.

It is often heard from writers and readers about the importance of the first phrase. It forms up the mood of the story, it is responsible for the first spark of the reader’s interest… This all can’t be ignored by writers, who really have special relations with words which are first to lie on a clean, white paper.

Starting a new scene is easier when you already got into a job, when two-three paragraphs are already written. It becomes easier to choose proper words, there are less difficulties with formatting, the text gets stylish and atmospheric.

See the next tips in the following part of the article.

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