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Speech Against Tests on Animals

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A relevant and controversial topic in the world today, tests on animals are the nightmare of animal right activists. If you want to stand by their belief that such a practice is horrid and inhumane, and start a discourse that is going to make an impact and shift the worldview of your listeners, here are a few key points to consider in order to build it up flawlessly.

Short and Concise

When composing the outline of your future speech, make an effort to pinpoint the claims you want to make. A topic like this is bound to bring up many factors and ramifications of those factors like examples, arguments, and statistics. Make sure to choose the most illustrative and indisputable matches to light your fire of truth. Even though a longer speech might be more enlightening and deeper in meaning, your job is to provoke thought. Be sure, the interested people will, no doubt, look for further data on the topic if they are truly moved and outraged by your words.

Lit Match

Uncontested Evidence

What are the key points to provide while speaking out against animal testing? One strategy is to start with uncomfortable questions, and then provide the answers with the data. Make sure to focus on the cruelty of wasteful experiments, on the fact that most of such testing is unreliable because of the differences between humans and animals, on the fact that it can even be dangerous and lead to mass death if the results do not go into details about the side effects of such medicine. Providing an argument about the needless experiments, such as cosmetic testing, is also a powerful eye-opener. Be sure to operate with numbers and facts, as they are the most convincing while trying to prove your truth. For example:

It is a common fact that 95% of drugs do not survive the human trials, in spite of promising results during animal tests.

Consider the Audience

As in all types of writing and presenting, the audience is a crucial factor to consider while composing your speech. Basing on the age, experience and interests of the audience you can predict whether to use formal or informal speech, whether to provide more in-depth results of research or focus on the main factors, whether to appeal to the emotional side or rigid logical explanations.

General Presentation

The last thing to mind might be the most effective, even if seemingly superfluous. Your speech might be a punch in the gut, but only if you are strong enough to fight. It will resonate and knock out the audience. That’s why you need to appear self-confident and tough. Get rid of habits that show your nervousness: slumping shoulders, crossing arms or biting nails. Look straight ahead of you and use the power of your voice to be loud and clear, making the right stresses on the words that will give the most impact. It is better to memorize and tell it, instead of reading it off your paper.

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